We are at the 26th day of January, 2013.

Santa Clarita real estate show notes from our Saturday Presentation:

  • showing a home in the Woodlands - MacBoX capable - check out the changes to our siteReal Estate questions and answers
  • listings that are on the market for sale one day - then has disappeared
  • those listings then sometimes come back onto the market for sale
  • but that home may not be available for sale
  • it depends on what the seller is up to and where the buyer is at
  • looking into the inner working of the MLS system - there is not a reminder that the property the agent held is going to come back on the market within the MLS and the Syndication websites
  • You will see that listing come back onto the market if the agent has forgotten
  • relocation.paris911.com - BOM'd listings - in escrow - require the buyer to "officially" retract their offer and cancel their transaction.
  • That is a big concern to buyers
  • this frustrates buyers totally - if this is not explained to the real estate client
  • the client may start to doubt their agent.

Be safe - We have a new listing coming onto the market at the end of this coming week.  Simi Valley - 550ish - k.

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