If you have bought a new home before even you may not know this. 

In both cases, whether you have bought a new home in Santa Clarita or not, the home builder pays me to be your Legal Realtor and new home representative.

This is advantageous because I get to negotiate for you. I get to be toe to toe with the new home builders agent and negotiate in front of you on your behalf.

I can negotiate fees, costs, improvements, items from the new home center, lot premium fees on new construction, and other "add on's" that the new home builders implement.

Real Quick:

In order for this to be able to take place, You cannot have visited the new home center or builder community without me. I'm required to be with you on your first visit.

They will know that you went without me when I didn't register you when we did our first walk-through of the model homes.

How this is discovered is when they find your name in their system. It happens when you go to the new home center, innocently and they get your name as a way of introduction. 

Now they have your name, to seal your fate, your name will be entered into their system as you have visited the new home center without your realtor.

Sometimes, they will hand you an iPad or other tablet-type device and ask innocently for your name.

Bluma Vista Canyon by KB homes is the same. KB Homes has been fantastic to new home buyers throughout the years, building in payment, at no cost to their clients, so they can have the best of the best represent them.

It always surprises me that some choose, maybe unbeknownst to them, to work with the same person representing the home builder.

In re-sale real estate, this act is known as dual agency. Agency is the relationship between parties - in the case the agent has "dual agency". The same agent is representing the home seller and the home buyer on the same home.

In California law, this is allowed. I know this because we have a disclosure stating so. I am not a lawyer.

In Canada and approximately 8 states, it is not allowed. It is forbidden to have the same agent represent the home seller who is representing the home buyer.

Hence, maybe it should be everywhere?

I have to tell you that most will say it's no problem. But can a single person truly provide the best representation to two opposing sides?

While both want to buy the home, the home seller does not want to pay to have things repaired they don't have to and the home buyer does not want to buy a home without the home seller contributing to things they should have done in the way of maintenance over the years.

When the single agent is working on both sides, who do they play "tough" with?

Who is going to be the party who is going to be pressed into having to perform, or give up?  

And - one final thought, how is that going to look to the party who lost the battle?

I know one thing, more relationships in real state between agents and their clients have been lost for less. Let alone having one agent represent both sides in the same transaction - both walk away with the agent in their "yelp" crosshairs.

New Santa Clarita homes cannot be built fast enough

Most have a September 2021 move-in as of the date of this post about the Bluma Vista Canyon KB community. 02/26/2021(the date of me writing this information posting).

What do most homebuyers do at times like these in the real estate market? If they have a home to sell, they typically have us set it up so the home buyers are going to allow them to stay in place while their new home is built.

This is something that happens in particular real estate markets. If the home market, as we see now in the Santa Clarita Valley, it's a home seller's market, then the home buyers are happy to help.

However, if the real estate market is a buyers market, this would not be possible except in a very special case.

I want to be your first phone call

Put my cell on your auto-dial 661-400-1720, typically pick most of the time. If I'm in between sets at the gym, when I'm awake and when I'm not with clients - I pick up my phone.

If you get VM - I call back quickly. Just leave me your name and number. I'll make the connection happen post-haste.

Considering real estate, anything in real estate, even refinancing which I don't do, I will give you the intel you need to know to keep you safe and arm you with the right questions.

I'm Connor MacIvor and I'll be here when you are ready.