I love writing blog articles.  That is how we maintain page 1 results for Santa Clarita real estate agents search terms.

blogger platform for ipadThere is no other "conventional" way than blogging and writing articles about our local SCV realtor business.

Blogsy - this is a masterful app that has been developed for iPad.

I blog in lines at Starbucks - I have always had issues with the Wordpress App and uploading photos.

They can appear at the bottom of a blog post - but not within a blog post.  There are other items that are not very functional on the WordPress App.

Blogsy - fixes all of this.  In fact, It fixes it so well, I will always blog from Blogsy.  Never, even from my fastest PC.

From today on - I feel as if I have been reborn.  Blogsy - is not giving me anything for this testimonial.

I write over 3000 words of content each day and now I can do it easier and with more fluidity.

Thanks for reading my review and let me know if I can help you...