You know you are doing something right when you start getting spam emails from people wanting to "help you" with your website's SEO. DIY - Do it Yourself.

Once the phone calls start, directly from people saying they are "associated" with Google, you are starting to hit home runs online.

They are finding you in the Search Engine Results Pages, SERP's, you should realize you are doing something right related to your online marketing strategy.

Can someone really give you quality SEO or PPC management for $49.99 a month, after waiving their $1000 set up fee, with no contract?


A couple points of clarification, SEO - Search Engine Optimization, making your website conform to be found more easier by the large Search Engines, where people are searching for your product.

Content marketing can be considered a part of SEO...

PPC - Pay per click. This is the system on Google known as Adwords. You build your ad (or pay someone to do it), then you get charged every time someone clicks on it.

The "more reputable" PPC companies start somewhere about $5,000.00 a month, to research, build and optimize PPC campaigns.

How much is SEO? That can cost bunches, depending on how much work your website needs, etc..

I did a YouTube video today about "if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is." The same goes for PPC and SEO.

Don't be too quick to spend your money. You may be surprised, but you can learn AdWords pretty quickly. Google has made it easy.

As far as SEO, writing content is a great way to become known online and in the social media sphere.

Heck if an X LAPD Motor Cop can do it, you can too.

BTW - that X LAPD Motor Cop, That's Me :)

Recent Project: Revamping of one of my REMAX Blogs - I did this myself: This is responsive and a Theme from Elegant Themes called Divi.

Another recent project: This is going to be on the postcards that we are going to use to market to interested real estate sellers.

If you want to know how I did it, and if you are not in my local market, call me and I'll help you! BTW, that's free because I only sell houses and represent real estate clients.