This is a personal recommendation because of the awesome feedback I have gotten from our large client base regarding the services of Frank Martinez, the owner, of Braveheart Termite and Pest Control.

Not only had the feedback been 5 Stars PLUS, but I have also seen personally the result of their Braveheart's pest control services regarding termites and ants.

If you live in the Santa Clarita Valley, there is a time when you are going to encounter the little red ants.

They swarm like the termites seem to do when it comes to different seasons.

The ants in the Santa Clarita Valley love HOT and water.

We live in Valencia and have seen large amounts of ants that come our way when the right weather is upon us.

It matters not if we keep things tidy. If we keep the water dried up and if we keep things closed, wiping off the exterior of the packages before we put them away, we still get ants.

Even when keeping everything ultra-clean, the ants will come in the tens of thousands.

I am not a big DIY, do it yourself, person. However regarding the Ants, - "I got this", I thought to myself. So off to Lowes I headed.

I bought the best ant killer that money could buy and I started to spray outside and inside.

After completing the ant spraying of the inside of my home, I thought I was infected with COVID because of the sneezing and the hacking, apparently, I sprayed too much.

However, for the following few days, I thought I was totally the Ant Bully, there were no ants present.

Then a couple of days later, it seemed like they had a meeting - "the ants", and they came in force. It was amazing and I had never been bitten so much. 

They also went after the others that live in my home, and these bites are not without the itch. They are really painful-itchy bites. After you scratch them you remove the top covering and they start to get a scab, and the itch stays.

Inside the cabinets - the ants had arrived and were all over everything. I was using the bathroom and then I found one, then two, then more crawling on me.

I remember during the past termite inspection that Joe, one of Frank's best people (Raul is tops also), told our client they do pest control services.

I texted Frank over the labor day weekend that we were overrun with ants.

Top pest control company in Santa Clarita is Braveheart termite and pest control

He responded and Tuesday at 0800 the true professionals showed up.

There were two pest control employees, both were very professional and stated they were going to take care of my ant problem. 

They did, We went from having a bunch of ants to ZERO. Not even some crawling about looking for the trail of their origin. None, zero, zilch, nada - all were gone. 

I now, as it was explained to me, have a barrier outside of my home. One that will control the ants gaining access into my kitchen, upstairs bedrooms, and living areas.

I know it only has been a couple of days, but I have hired the national brands in the past, never have the results surfaced as fast as they did when hiring a local company.

Frank, kudos to you and thank you for all you do for us and our clients regarding termite and pest control services.

If you are looking to hire the best Santa Clarita pest control company to deal with your ants or other pests, call Frank at Braveheart Termite, he and his staff will take great care of you.

BTW, nothing was given to me or promised to me to write this article. I just love talking about the service providers that work well for me and my clients. 

Frank at Braveheart Termite - (661) 373-2617