In every service industry, there are some key components that separate the BEST at what they do from everyone else.

It was no different on the PD - we had some that were truly gifted in Firearms, where they were patient on the trigger and could achieve a surprise break with every single press of the trigger.  We had others that were scared to death, having difficulty keeping up with the Minimum Qualification Score.

You can see that also applies to the Santa Clarita Short Sale world as well.  In fact, there are a lot of Santa Clarita Short Sale agents that deserve to be called the BEST at what they do.

But to say the BEST Short Sale agents are commonplace - that would not be accurate. The Santa Clarita short sale experts

What are they doing to keep abreast of the most current Short Sale laws that will have an impact to their short sale sellers?

What Short Sale systems have they put in place to assist those Short sale sellers that are placing their trust in them?

Are the Short Sale agents you are interviewing only a picture on a post card that you received after a Notice of Default was mailed to your door?

Is there anything more "abhorrent" than having your family interrupted, from a call or knock at your door by a Real Estate sales person, during your time of distress?

I'd say this.  Have a look on-line.  Do some googling with the terms - Santa Clarita Short Sales.  Look for the best for you and your needs.  Call those Top Real Estate agents and schedule an appointment with them at their offices.  Then sit down and ask them the following questions.

  • How long have you been representing Short Sale Sellers?  -They may have come about in this current Short Sale market.  Or they may have bad habits that were developed in the last one.  Either way, keep your "BS" Radar turned on.
  • What continuing education classes have you taken and what certifications have you received specifically geared for short sales? -They may talk about origination's like CDPE (certificed Distressed Property Expert) - or getting a Short Sale Expert designation.  Just make sure they are keeping abreast of the Short Sale world and the changes in law.
  • Do you farm out your short sales to a different third party negotiator or do you do it yourself? -This one is all about accountability.  If they are farming out their short sales to someone else - you might as well hire that "someone else" and save yourself a step.
  • May I speak directly to some of your past short sale clients?  -This one is a keeper and will separate the BEST Santa Clarita Short Sale Agents from the "other pool".

They should have a list of people you can call that had their short sale negotiated with the agent you are interviewing.  If they direct you to a "you tube" video, that's okay - but without verification.  You really need to call and ask outside of the realtors presence.  

Be Safe and I hope this helps you with your Short Sale Needs and in finding the BEST Santa Clarita short sale agent to represent you.