There are several levels when it comes to real estate research, news, and valuation. You also have the additional searching for local real estate deals and numbers associated with regular re-sale, new homes and foreclosures/bank owned housing.

Where do those local's search online for real estate without having to worry about spam and having any of their personal information sold or traded?

They do so online. They do so on a local real estate website. They are careful not to get trapped by attractive headlines and giving up personal information to get "more information" about "cheap real estate deals" and the following:

  • Get real estate grants locally

  • Local Foreclosures and Bank Owned homes listings not available online

  • Government money first-time buyer assistance program

  • Tax credits for Santa Clarita real estate buyers

  • Deferred mortgage payments for Santa Clarita relocatees

  • Buy locally save thousands on your mortgage - City Program for the first 100 applicants

These headlines are very attractive. In fact, I would click on them myself if I thought for a minute there were resources that I was not aware of. The trouble is I make my full-time business that of Santa Clarita real estate. This is what I do and I'm online way too much reading and digesting real estate information because my client's money depends on it.

If you are a police officer or local teacher, you may have heard of a program that gives a 50% discount for anyone matching those types of professions and qualifying in other ways, having access.

This is known as the Good Neighbor Program offered by HUD and it's a real thing. It's in all 50 states and the real estate listings are not very common which are offered in this lottery system. There is only one access point on the HUD/GOVT website and if you deviate from searching on this exact page, you will be seeing properties that don't work for this specific program.

Some use this as a "teaser" to get their real estate boot in your door. Not fair - so I thought I would clear the air. If you are interested in this program - here is the link to the exact page: 50% discounts on real estate for Cops, Teachers and EMT's.

Grants and the other "city programs" are not in existence, at least at this time. They do come about from time to time, so if you encounter someone advertising them, get what they are promising in writing. If these programs are "real" there should exist documentation from the entity who is supplying the money for the grant or program.

Some of those who are trying to game you are employer-based advertisers and marketers. Just like the GNND - the good neighbor program is for teachers, cops, and EMTs. They "build" fake programs for college educators, movie studio personnel, grocery store employees and the only limit is the scammer's imagination.

Search for Santa Clarita real estate listings

Find Santa Clarita Foreclosures and bank owned listings

What is your Santa Clarita real estate worth?

Santa Clarita real estate blog and market news

These are four of the top Santa Clarita local real estate resources. May of the syndication websites and those who are monetized heavily by selling your personal information to a ton of entities fight for placement online. They also pay for ad space on many different social media platforms including to be at the top of the major search engines.

I'm Connor MacIvor and I'm local for my real estate clients. I live in Valencia and work throughout the Santa Clarita Valley cities representing both buyers and sellers of real estate and homes. I have been in business with real estate representation since 1998. I was a cop before and have an "honorary retirement" from that venture with the LAPD. I do know for a fact I can provide for you the highest level of safety and protection related to your real estate goals.

Be well and please let me know when you are ready for my assistance.