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Spoke with Mike Meena - he happens to be more than a Friend.  He is the in-house lender of the the Top producing real estate brokerage in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.Click here for the contact information to Mike Meena at August Financial.Top Santa Clarita LenderHe has his own shop and own business, in fact he is the "in house" lender for many of the top producing real estate companies in the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

Wanting to buy a home - here are some things that you need to know:

Show Notes:

  • Radio show - radio podcast - therapist for Connor - Mike Meena spoke about himself in the fhird person too.
  • Connor is frustrated - maybe Mike can help Connor
  • There is very little inventory in the Santa Clarita Valley.
  • All buyers are running into the lacking inventory in the Santa Clarita Valley
  • In most markets, there is a fall out between the listings that are for sale and those that are truly available.
  • Other agents are leaving the homes that they have for sale "appearing active" on the internet portals and especially the Real Estate syndication websites.
  • The reason why they are doing this in the real estate syndication websites is because the real estate syndication websites don't enforce the data derived from the real estate agents.
  • What is the main thorn in your side when it comes to your lending industry.
  • Bait and Switch thing - what is your rate like today on a home loan.
  • They will get to the end and they will be given bad advice and promised a rate that is ultra low
  • At the end everything changes, they change the interest rate on the loan documents.
  • 50-60 - Loan officers, they don't get it - they don't quite grasp the whole thing - that is a big deal.
  • You sit and look at guys that are wells fargo and b of a - they flunked out of of the mortgage industry.
  • If I say the number 22 - Brett Butler - Dodgers - 22 is the number of active listings in Valencia CA.
  • Talking about this yesterday - when is this market going to mellow - when can we have a market with an FHA buyer able to buy a home?
  • We are getting to a point where the local market is going up so fast - investors can still buy and cash flow.
  • Why would an investor not buy right now?  Alternative is the stock market or stuffing a mattress.
  • If we bought a home today at $350k, Sunrise - Took 1172 square foot, 3+2 - Taxes and insurance +55 hoa - 1620.00, for payment - 2050 a month from the tenant - principal if bought to today +385 in my pocket, cash flowing another 300.00 - 685.00, I lost track - please listen to the show :)