Of course Top housing news is owned and operated by the Team Leader, Connor MacIvor, at REMAX of Valencia CA.

That would be me and we do our best to keep the system updated with fresh content as it relates to the Real Estate market  and news in the Greater Los Angeles areas and within the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

Closing Costs in Real Estate do you have a plan b Find out what closing costs are and who pays them

We have been reporting on the local real estate news and events since we started in real estate in 1998. However, back then it was a one on one proposal.

When we encountered new Santa Clarita real estate clients, they were sure to ask "how is the market?" We could then fill them in as to how it was going, was it a buyers or sellers market, and what the current prices and inventory were.

Today, we get to publish this on our online websites - the premier for Santa Clarita real estate news is Top Housing News.

Here is a short video on the website itself and how to gain access.

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