Welcome, Cristina Salcedo to our real estate radio show. She is a local local resource for the San Fernando Valley and the Santa Clarita Valley concerning home staging.

Cristina can be reached at 818.523.0854 make sure you told her you heard about her on HousingRadio!

We have quite a large return statistically when it comes to the prices that a staged home can attain versus a home that has not had any staging services performed.

I will tell you to watch out for the scammers that exist in the home staging business. You will find a ton of home stagers online, just make sure they are close to being local and are the real deal, like Cristina.

There are a lot of hack sites which are put into place to sell your personal information to real estate agents, home lenders, home stagers, and others who are willing to pay for it.

Therefore, when you are searching, see if the person who is answering the phone is the actual home stager.

Of course, the very best are busy, you will be able to deduce those who are best in the home staging business to deal with.

Best home staging tips for Santa Clarita home sellers - PDF

2017 profile of Home Staging - PDF (good read) - Posted below also!

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Transcript from our real estate radio show about home staging.

Speaker 1: 00:00 Okay.


Connor MacIvor: 00:02 Did everybody, Connor Macivor ever housing radio.com what do you know about home staging? How does that particular process work? I've always likened it to maybe going on a date so you wouldn't want to go on a date without getting prepared. The same reason why you wouldn't want to put your home on the market without it. Also being prepared. Well today we have, we're very lucky to have Cristina Saucedo. She is going to be on her show. She's going to be discussing home staging. In fact, she's waiting in the wings and we will get into how it works. We will ask her of course the five W's and the one h, the WHO, the what, the when, the why and the how and also of course we'll throw aware in there. We'll get to the bottom of home staging. She is very active and of course the Los Angeles area, San Fernando Valley and of course Santa Clarita where yours truly is headquartered and I do want to reach out to the participants to the show last week. Thank you for all your interaction, and I'm always here for anything that has to do with real estate. So very, very honored to do that. So without further hesitation, I will bring on Christina and Christina, so I'll see. No, thank you so much for coming on today.

Cristina stager: 01:13 Good morning, Connor. Actually, thank you so much for inviting me to your show. It's very a pleasure. How are you today?

Connor MacIvor: 01:19 I am wonderful. And it is very early for both you and I, but these are the best times to get these things recorded and get them out there for the people to listen to. So I appreciate your coming on with me so early.

Cristina stager: 01:30 Oh, no worries. I'm used to getting up badly, so that's fine for me.

Connor MacIvor: 01:34 Perfect. I wanted to ask a little bit, kind of give us a little bit of a debrief on who you are, what are you about and, and kind of give me a little bit of an idea, a little bit of history about yourself. Sure, of

Cristina stager: 01:46 course. Ah, okay. Like you mentioned, my name is Christina Sensata. I'm a certified in theater designer and also certify home stager. Uh, I've been practicing in your design for the last 15 years and I will say about the last three years, I decided to incorporate a home stage and need for my services because I noticed it was a big demand. I also noticed that, uh, houses that were staged, they sold a lot faster than the ones that were not. So I become at mentioning, I thought it was a really good idea to uh, incorporate that into my services. Uh, then I started looking at different, uh, statistics in, um, I checked, I was checking, uh, south Texas between a, from buyer's agents and sellers agents. And uh, I was looking at the most recent ones for now from the 2019 and a, what they say is like 83% of the buyer's agents.

Cristina stager: 02:42 They say's that it's staging makes it a lot easier for buyers to visualize in sales on the property. And this is something that I truly, I agree because sometimes, um, I can invited, when I do a stage to go to the opening, the first in a house and a I get to talk to prospective buyers in a, would they tell me when they walk in is somehow they find a connection between that home and their lives. It could be a position of the furniture, it could be a piece of art. It could be the kitchen, uh, or some kind of aroma that transports into their childhood. And they can see themselves living there just because it's, that connection is such of a psychological thing that connects them. Uh, it happens a lot, not all the time because not houses are all suitable for everybody. It happens a lot. Um, I now important statistics from the buyers agents, uh, size to say is that, um, when you stage it increases the dollar value.

Connor MacIvor: 03:48 I've read, I've read that as well. I've, I've seen those same studies and basically when you make, when I want to sell her, it takes a home and they, they, they have the expense of having us as home stager come in. You're not only looking at it to place furniture, but according to your certifications and what you've told us today, you actually are interior designers. Cause that was kind of your beginning and your start. Correct. Is this from what I get? So then you don't just look at it like let's put a table here. Let's stick a flower pot over here. Maybe a bowl of plastic fruit on the other table. You actually look at it like you're going to be placing real furniture. Well it is real, but you're actually in the home together.

Cristina stager: 04:27 Yeah. And not only that, uh, when I do stage at home, I take it very personal. I feel, I do like if I'm doing my own house, so I'm making it look really cozy and comfortable and it really shows, you know, even if I have to work the extra mile to put an extra flour and extra plans, run extra chair, whatever. I see that is needed. I do it because I pretend that I'm living in that house. So when you walk in, you really feel uncomfortable.

Connor MacIvor: 04:54 That's actually you give it that personal touch. Let me ask you this, uh, Christina, how does love the process work with home staging? What, what's like that first step? Do you go out before the property goes on the market or like how has your point of contact, how does that work?

Cristina stager: 05:09 Well to meet the ideal will be to go before they put the house on the market and I'm talking about for a homeowner it occupies. Okay. Okay. The reason that I say that is because it will give you enough time to prepare the home for the Moronic to have beautiful pictures on the mls, but also for the opening house. Uh, some houses need more work than others. So basically what I do is like I meet with the homeowner. Uh, I have paperwork that starts from the, uh, entrance of the house all the way to the patio. We go room by room, we take notes, we both take notes. Uh, we write what is it that is needed to be then in the house, whether, you know, they need to change in there. All these are suggestions and this after the owner to do it at the same time, it's for their convenience.

Connor MacIvor: 05:59 So basically you're, you're taking a space, let's say, let's say you're walking into a, a bedroom that doesn't have much furniture. Maybe these are empty nesters, people that are basically going to, going to get out of dodge because their kids are no longer around and they're going to maybe downsize. So you walk into that bedroom and then you'll have suggestions as to what would look best, maybe matching the other furniture that they already have.

Cristina stager: 06:22 Correct. Or, or sometimes I suggest, you know what, I believe that this piece of furniture will look better in the guest room instead of here. Oh, okay. Be Glad or declared it is. And we all know, you know, even in our regular life that you have to declutter your areas. Where is your desk or your bedroom or whatever. So that's number one. But, uh, sometimes I could touch really very delicate as patch, like cleaning ness, you know, smells, you know, have to talk about that. I can let them know like make sure per say, you know, the Trashcan is not visible when you have an open house, you know, little details. So sometimes it's hard for the agents to mentioned. I made sure that I addressed that because they are so important. Very, very important. When you walk into a house you want to make sure the house is a spotless beginning way.

Connor MacIvor: 07:14 So yeah, I've been at houses before where it's really difficult to tell the seller that their house smells badly. Yeah. It's, it's, it's hard to present. So the best thing I could do is say, you know, for breeze is probably going to be your best option. But yeah, coming from you, it might be a little bit even more gentle. I like that.

Cristina stager: 07:35 You know why? Because today face, everybody's so familiar with HGTV and other t science programs that when when he comes from a professional home stager or in your design is sounds different. You could be telling them exactly with the same words that I'm telling them, but they look at it a different way because it's me, you know?

Connor MacIvor: 07:59 Totally makes sense. You know, you mentioned some of the why's before with regard to why home staging and the sellers getting a bigger return on their investment, how selling faster. But one thing when we were in the pre show, kind of getting ready to do the presentation that you mentioned, maybe it was last time we talked on the phone, you had mentioned about overpriced listings. Do you remember that conversation we had

Cristina stager: 08:22 or the, the price list and yeah, I would, I think is like a, if I'm not mistaken, I remember the conversation, uh, that uh, the price listing goes hand to hand with staging. I could be doing a beautiful job. Okay. But if the price for the house is, it's really overpriced, it's not going to go anywhere. So they go hand by hand together.

Connor MacIvor: 08:45 So home staging, home staging works, but it's not like a Miracle Cure. If some agent takes a listing that's $100,000 over priced in comparison to the one that sold, you can stage it all day long and it's not going to make a difference.

Cristina stager: 08:59 Correct. So it took a combination of both. It's not because I did a wonderful job that is going to sell. It's also price combination. Yeah.

Connor MacIvor: 09:07 On the other side of it, you know today in real estate getting multiple offers, well any day real estate, getting multiple offers on a property is really a key component to the business. And if you're able to do that out of the shoot of the property that's been looked at, you know with a home, but the person that knows about home decor like you moving into having the home staged properly, having the home for a photograph by a professional and then having all of those components put online in the mls and that property advertised. Getting multiple offers is really critical. And I imagine you've seen that experience with those homes that you've staged with the multiple offers scenario happening more times after it stage without it being stated.

Cristina stager: 09:50 Yes. And you know what a, it had happened to me in a, I have to say then a couple of locations I was like in shock because normally I'd, you know, I don't interfere and I don't ask, you know, hey, how much you sell it for? But sometimes they offer that information to me. And I remember that I one time they sold the house for over $200,000 more than they were asking. Yes. Yeah. And I was like in shock myself and I said, really? I couldn't believe it either. But again, you know, I don't really ask, I don't go there unless they provide that to me.

Connor MacIvor: 10:23 Are there differences when you're looking at real estate to get it staged with, uh, homes that have furniture and, and people actually living there versus the homes that are vacant? Is that a different approach?

Cristina stager: 10:35 Yes, it is. Uh, when is, uh, like a home run and a goodbye? I kind of went, you know, a little bit. We, you, what do I do and what I suggest vacant homes most of the time is because I'm working with investors. Uh, you know, they flip the houses and they call me. So normally I suggest them to call me, uh, you know, to my regular clients to call me two weeks prior before they finish the home. And the reason I do that is speakers. I go and I measure on the home, I assess what kind of furniture is going to go into that house to make sure that he balances with the size of the rooms and with the demographic area too. So, uh, that's what I normally request Kimmy, you know, two weeks in advance, I go, I measure, I sit down in front of the computer, I decide what kind of furniture I designed. Basically the home really is like, donate your design all over again right there, you know,

Connor MacIvor: 11:28 so with, with a seller, so an owner occupied property, you, you'd like it all to be before the property goes on the multiple listing service. So there's time for you to discuss, move furniture, order furniture, have the furniture placed, photographs taken, then go on live, live on the market. And then with vacant properties a couple of weeks is even better because you're gonna also be ordering up the furniture for that.

Cristina stager: 11:51 Exactly. I had go, you know, order the furniture, go shopping for accessories, you know, if I don't think what I, the inventory that I have who will go well with that house. So it is, it involves a little bit more. One is a Jake and home, but you know, also they gave me an open canvas and I can do whatever I want. So, and what I do with a lot of my clients, I don't say just to be honest to you to do that. Uh, I normally focus on living room, dining room, the kitchen, the master bedroom. And I usually do an extra bedroom, which sometimes I changed. Sometimes we go an office that we'll do a baby room. Sometimes I will do a guest room or the kids from, you know, they pass on the demo demographic area. Would I see like if I see a scenario where a lot of young people that work from home will live there, then I go ahead and I go in office just to say, you know, you can work from home, this is the perfect room for you to work at home.

Connor MacIvor: 12:46 That's very smart, very smart of you. We have with, with uh, those adjustments looking at the houses that way. And also apparently you're looking at the other listings that are on the market that are probably maybe staged or not to kind of get a feel for what people, other people are doing. So you can make this particular sellers home more competitive than even the others. Exactly. Exactly. Tell me about where, so where I'm in Santa Clarita Valley, I know that, uh, you, you get out here very often to do staging and consultations and also the San Fernando Valley. Are Those your main two areas?

Cristina stager: 13:22 Ah, yes. Right now they, I work a lot in the porter ranch, North Trish, uh, mission hills. And other hills. I work in the similar area. I'll try clients that I do a lot of homeowner occupied consultation and San Fernando, just San Fernando Valley area. Uh, you know, I work all this areas, uh, in, no, I had done, uh, working in CNO

Connor MacIvor: 13:45 here. I see your, uh, your portfolio here and let me give the listeners your website. It's Cassa, ca s a d d d e c o r l a.com. And I'll put that in the show notes, uh, where I, uh, basically placed the show on youtube and everything. So the people that are listening in right now, you guys can have a look and see a Christina's portfolio. It's really, really pretty amazing, uh, of what she's done to these residents. And I'll tell you for personal experience, whenever I go into a home, let's say the seller is unwilling to stage after the presentation, after I explained to them the importance and how it's gonna really make the listing move quicker and for a higher price statistically. But let's say they're not into it. My instruction that Ms Declutter, declutter, declutter. And this is something that Christine also does. Maybe you as a home seller, don't want to expend the monies that are, might be necessary that import all this furniture. Maybe you would just want to have her work with what you write. You do that as well.

Cristina stager: 14:50 I that as well. And, and let me tell you, when I go to those consultations, my main point is not really the transformation of the room, uh, is the transformation of the home seller. And by educating them and trying to assist them or help them, I should say, uh, to do that crossover from seeing their home. I served below one, which we all do because we'll, we live in there for many years. We have a lot of memories. Uh, it, and then I help them to grow sober from standard home as dad below one to a product that one day really is really stage is really fixed. And the gladder it will be, it will help them really to sell the home fast and at the price at 80 psi decided if not more, you know, in a lot of the cases.

Connor MacIvor: 15:34 Wow. So you buy by even the consultation, you're trying to remove the emotional aspect that most people have to their homes because now their home isn't going to be theirs anymore. And that's huge. That's actually a really big deal because it turns it into a business arrangement, not an emotional arrangement. It's very, very important.

Cristina stager: 15:55 Correct. And, and to be honest to you, uh, most of your time would people reject anything, even if they will have a, a good offer is because they are so emotionally attached to the home. But if we really educate him and teach him, you know, that you decide to put this house for sale, so let me help you do it and complete it.

Connor MacIvor: 16:17 Yeah. Yeah. It's huge. That's, that's, that's really, really big, big benefit for sellers out there. I uh, I appreciate your coming on today, Christina. I have, I'm going to put all your information in the show notes. I will put your contact information. You did a fantastic job on today's real estate radio program and thank you so much for coming on

Cristina stager: 16:39 Connor. Thank you so, so much for the opportunity. Like I said, it's been a pleasure and I hope we have a more shows coming up. I really enjoyed it. It was fun.

Connor MacIvor: 16:47 I did as well and absolutely. I would love that. I'll talk to you soon.

Cristina stager: 16:51 Okay, thank you. Take care. Have a good day. Bye Bye.

Connor MacIvor: 16:54 Bye Bye. Very good everybody. That was Christina Saucedo. Very, very nice. It's really awesome to have that kind of brush or breath of fresh air in the business within the particular vendors out there and being a home stager and having the background and certifications. She does really puts her above where those other people are out there trying to do home staging. She's actually making it happen for sellers and I'm happy to have had her on today's real estate radio show. I will put her location. I did speak with her. Her best point of contract is contact. It's going to be her a telephone number and give me just a hot second. I will give that to you so you can have that as well. And in the future basically all you'll do is just pick up the phone and call her and let me get this out here so you can have it.

Connor MacIvor: 17:53 And also thank you so much for tuning in. So if you want to speak with, you know when you're ready and again a little bit, most times agents, if you're an agent listening you're going to be making that referral to Christina and again give her a little bit of heads up so after you get out there you're going to get the contract are probably going to delay that listing. There's other forms to fill out as you know as agents to make that happen. And then you'll basically tell the sellers to, hey, you know Christina is going to come over and speak with you guys about the best ways to prepare your home for sale. And that's going to include some tips on staging and of course their fee for all these things. But again, that return on that little bit of money spent is actually a big, with the, according to statistics, with regard to real estate. And I'll tell you how many furniture that doesn't really elicit anything but a very warm and cozy emotional response to give you advice rest of your week, and we will talk to you soon. Don't forget STV blog.com where all the news real estate articles come together.

It's always my pleasure to produce our Santa Clarita Housing Radio show and I hope you have enjoyed listening as much as I did in the production of it.

I'm Connor Macivor and I have been representing both buyers and sellers of real estate and homes since 1998. When you are ready reach out to me and you will be taken care of greatly. I can be reached at 661.400.1720.