Santa Clarita home sales feesCost versus Value? There is always someone cheaper. My own personal philosophy, I will sell your home for a fair price. And Believe it or not, that "fair price" is typically 10k lower on an $800,000 listing than the other agents are willing to go.

If you want the best fee to sell your Santa Clarita home call me for a consultation. 661.400.1720 - Connor MacIvor.

When it comes to listing and selling homes, in the current seller's market, there is not a massive disconnect between buyers and sellers.

In fact, I would say the reverse exists - where buyers know what sellers want, but where it's not possible for some to reach those heights in most cases.

Sellers are looking for the most money for their homes. They also want those funds to be backed up with the best financing. 

In the Santa Clarita Valley, there are a handful of trusted real estate lenders that have the majority of the real estate business.

Of those, one shines brightest. If a real estate buyer approaches a listing that I have, my seller will already have heard of this lender and the type of loans they generate. 

I have yet to have a loan fail with this company. When they have a pre-approval or an underwriter pre-approval letter, generated for the buyer, those letters are valid and always backed up by their lending office.

Discount rates on selling Santa Clarita homes

Commissions for selling Santa Clarita homes and real estate are typically five to six percent total. The issue with that is sometimes percentages are hard to figure, depending on the person doing the figuring. To some it's as easy as ABC, to others you may as well be speaking Greek.

My suggestion, and the rate sheet I provide to my home sellers, is simple and straightforward.

If the sale is going to be complicated, such as a probate sale or a legitimate foreclosure, I assure you I'll be charging you the market rate. Those types of sales are complicated and complex. Not every agent in California can negotiate a short sale or deal with the court when it comes to a probate sale. Just like how some agents are unequipped to handle the negotiation needed to deal with 20 or more offers that are all very similar in nature.

It takes talent to draw out the true highest and best offer. And, because sometimes we are dealing with less than average real estate agents, at those times as a Top SCV listing agent, you have to draw out the questions from the agent.

Give them the tools to convince their home buyer to go higher and potentially switch financing to one that offers the home seller more security.

This works, but only when you are dealing with an agent who carries the history and education in the real estate trenches.

Santa Clarita flat fee commission for real estate costs

Now it's come down to points and percentages charged to sell Santa Clarita homes.

The seller is tasked with paying the commission for the buyer's agent and the agent they hired to represent. If you don't believe me, I'll prove it. Remember, All real estate is potentially sold "as is", but some sellers think that the buyer cannot ask for anything they deem non-hazardous. Sure they can - they can ask, it's up to the seller to deny them if they so choose.

At the beginning of the listing appointment - I get my commission out of the way first - whether I'm there to negotiate a flat fee commission, a single sale side, or a cooperative listing agreement, I ensure that the seller's know of the great break on my fees they are getting and that I am a full-service real estate agent.

You are not going to be pawned off to some sort of assistant. You call and you'll be dealing with me. I'm Connor MacIvor with eXp Realty of California.

When you are ready I'll be here and I will take great care of you. I tap out when I approach 10 listings a month, it's doable, but I'm careful not to overload so my home sellers stay happy with my Santa Clarita home listing services.