I have written how we are the top Santa Clarita real estate website with a Secure system having enabled SSL for our Santa Clarita real estate website at SCVnest.com.

Here are some benefits for our home sellers of Santa Clarita real estate about why our site is showing up at the top of the charts when it comes to real estate listings which are being searched as for sale.

SCVnest is Santa Clarita real estate's SSL enabled and equipped real estate website.

Our system is used for three different things by most who find it.

These top three uses of SCVnest benefit home sellers, buyers and others who are of the real estate interested.

Number 1 - Real Estate Search

1 - Searching for Homes and Real Estate - Homes and real estate listings which are for sale are able to be searched completely and safely via our SSL secure real estate search system.

As Far as SSL - here are the larger benefits of using a home search system equipped with it as is our home search site of SCVnest.

  • SSL provided for our home buyers on SCVnest secures the connection between a web browser and your website
  • Our SSL SCVnest website protects visitors when exchanging info with your site, for instance when you are asking for more information related to a real estate listing, you are protected with our Southern California real estate search
  • Our SCVnest Home Site SSL protects you and retains my search system as your trusted real estate website and resource guide
  • Personal and Private Information protected - our SCVnest website is protecting you when you enter any personal and private information into our site - due to it's high level of SSL protection

Number 2 - Latest homes by email

No spam from SCVnestOn our SCVnest system, you will see that it is able to generate the latest real estate listings by email directly to you and by the parameters you set.

You will be the first to see the newest home listings, which include condos, townhomes, single family residences and estate/luxury residential real estate.

Once the Santa Clarita homes and homes within the surrounding greater Los Angeles areas are listed for sale, by any real estate brokerage, by any real estate agent and by your parameters, you will get the email immediately.

The email blast will come from the SCVnest Multiple Listing Service system which is owned by the Paris911 Team here at REMAX of Valencia and REMAX of Santa Clarita. Our system is SSL protected and gives you the advantage of not being spied upon.

Any and all information that you send via our SCVnest system is protected and encrypted so you don't have to fear the wayward eavesdropper.

Number 3 - Home Values

On our SCVnest secure site, you will be able to discover what a home is worth. Any home, including yours. You will see the true FMV, Fair Market Value. We lay out the following data and follow your inquiry about what your home's worth with a complete Comparable Market Advantage report by yours truly.


You will see that we have the data that concerns any and all real estate listings which have been entered into our Santa Clarita and Greater Los Angeles home valuation system. Get the value of your home here!

The low estimate is one where the property is not as upgraded/updated as the most recent sold listings. We take into account the data via the actual Multiple Listing Services, not via the tax rolls as most of the real estate syndication websites do. Our data is more updated and cleaner in content than the automated systems what lack the proper permissions to the real data!santa-clarita-sold-comparisons-for-homes-on-scvnest

Nearby sold homes are then compared with yours within our interactive mapping software. The system is not algorithm dependent. We also put our hands on the finalized report which I send to you directly showing all of the applicable real estate data used to obtain the FMV - fair market value of your condo, town-home or single family residence.

Of course all information and data exchanged on our home valuation tool on SCVnest is encrypted. You don't have to be concerned about your information falling into a predators hands. It is only seen my me due to the SSL system we have enabled on our SCVnest website.top-santa-clarita-valley-agents-have-buyers-wanting-to-buy

The final word comes to you via us having a multitude of real estate buyers who are wanting to buy your home. While this is a clever ploy often used by the door knocking real estate agent, we can verify if this is true or not at the moment you ask what your home is worth.

Let me know what we are capable of when it comes to real estate representation in the Santa Clarita Valley or elsewhere in Southern California. I'm proud to show you my wares. I will be there for you as I have been for over 1000 other home buyers and sellers of Southern California and Santa Clarita real estate.