Best real estate agents Santa ClaritaIt is nice to make the list of Yelp's Top 10 Real Estate agents in Santa Clarita, CA!

While some swear by Yelp - some do not. Some think Yelp is too big for their britches and control too much of the reviews for businesses.

Some have told me that Yelp cannot be transparent when they monetize themselves by allowing businesses to pay for placement on their review website.

I see where they are coming from, but I don't agree with all of the negative sentiment about Yelp or other real estate agent review websites.

It comes down to the person using those systems to make up their own minds. It's up to the users to make the decision to trust the reviews or not.

Does it depend on the search terms that a person uses when asking Yelp who is the best Santa Clarita real estate agent? Or maybe they use the inquiry of Top Santa Clarita Realtor? Either way, if they are asking Yelp, which has paid for placement, or googles, the results should be straightforward and not manipulated.

There are some I read on Yelp and on the other review websites I know have escaped their "quality control" algorithm. I'm sure you have read similar reviews.

When it comes to the sheer number of Yelp Reviews concerning the Best 10 real estate agents in Santa Clarita, CA - there are not that many that have made it onto the "live reviews". There are far more "behind the scene - or filtered" real estate agent reviews on the agent's pages.

Yelp want's yelpers. Yelp does not want those who are solicited to write reviews. This is how Yelp protects their interests in the real estate agent and service/product industry review services.

They keep their nose high in the air and are careful to ensure that the reviewers are real people. Real people who will add value to yelp. Of course, some of those reviewers could be keyboard gangsters, wanting to seek out and destroy reputations just because.

The Real Top 10

I'm sure those types of reviewers are only the tip of the iceberg, as far as the bottom of the iceberg - the much larger part, that has good Yelpers. Those which are tried and true, wanting to only give accurate and honest reviews of local businesses, service providers and products. And of course, the reviews pertaining to the Best 10 real estate agents in Santa Clarita, CA!

Deducing the best pertaining to Top 10 Lists for real estate agents in Santa Clarita, CA.

Googling the names of those Top 10 real estate agents in Santa Clarita may reveal other things a home buyer or home seller should know. Where is the agent publicized? What is the agent doing to ensure those who are utilizing their services know they are the go-to real estate expert worth of Yelp's Top 10?

Maybe they have a real estate radio show? The longest running in the Santa Clarita Valley CA? It could be they have been endorsed on Linked In by a ton of people related to various "attributes" which assist in real estate.

Foreclosures 99+
REO 99+
Investment Properites 99+
Real Estate 99+
Sellers 99+
Relocation 99+
Real Estate Transactions 99+

There are many other skills and endorsements - 50+ for this agent who is in the 10 Ten of Real Estate agents in Santa Clarita, CA - on Yelp.

We have many ways to choose, more wisely, a top real estate professional. Yelp is merely one vessel. This is the number one question I pose to those wanting to search for a particular service provider online. How do you vet the review websites to ensure they are the most accurate they are able to be? How do you know they are providing only the best results and aren't in it for themselves?

This is how - See how they are making money. Is there a way for a person to pay for placement? Not on google, there isn't, at least within the organic search results. Of course big business, they are usually at the top of the organic searches because of their size and amount of content. However, when you see a local real estate agent in that space, you have found someone special.

Back to the review websites - if there is a way for a person's business to get higher placement on the page, that is of an issue and maybe something to pay attention to. Is it their way to push a top 10 list because those on that list are paying to be there? I get many calls from vendors from real estate review websites and platforms who want me to pay for placement on their systems. Of course, they are not saying this "out loud" but you can tell they are inferring it.

The difference is in the focus

Where are you looking when wanting to buy something or hire a service provider. You are probably looking at yourself, they are your needs, then online or asking friends who they used and why.

That makes sense and a lot of Good Realtors are found that way. However, sometimes it's better to rely on the focus of the real estate agents. We can be on Yelp's Top 10 list of the BEST Santa Clarita Realtors but can fall short of the mark because our ranking has been manipulated. There is no way to know, but when you are reading what a specific Real Estate agent is writing, seeing what they are researching and where their focus is, you will see if the Yelp Reviews match up or if they have been played with.

Here is what I think, has been serving real estate buyers and sellers in Santa Clarita Since 1998. The focus needs to be on the client, but the agent handling the transaction as if they were buying or selling.

If the agent is not focused on the "good neighbor" policy in sales, they are falling short of the mark.

BTW, the good neighbor policy is the agent treating their clients as if they are themselves.

Approaching real estate clients with a Good Neighbor policy in real estate gets us a lions portion of the local real estate business. When people want to buy or sell Santa Clarita real estate, our phone and email do not lack in traffic.

Being a cop for a long time, I figured out quite early, I wanted to handle each radio call and interaction as if I was the one who was the person reporting or victim. Even when it came to those who needed to go to jail, I also reversed the tide and did not treat them badly, because I have a powerful mirror.

When we sell a home, represent a home buyer, or even field a simple phone call from someone who has a question about real estate, I make sure I'm treating them as if they were me. I speak to them as if I was wearing their shoe and treat them accordingly.

Santa Clarita buyer focus

When representing a home buyer, I want to know the full information as if I'm buying real estate like they are. I want to do the market research and give them the information that would help me make the best possible decision. I answer questions such as, Should I be buying now? What about the market is it a seller's market or a buyer's market? What about the state of the economy, how is it changing or staying the same? What is different about the present market that was before the last fall of the real estate cycle? How do I know these things are true and where are my verification points?

I also want to know about the distressed real estate, how can I take advantage of homes, condos, and town-homes that are priced at or under fair market value? How can I get a better interest rate and how can I get a loan for less? What happens if I encounter multiple offers on the home I am buying? What are the best strategies in a home seller's market versus a home buyer's market? How do I keep safe after I move in and how can I ensure I'm making the right real estate decisions.

Santa Clarita seller focus

It's interesting that the same applies when I'm being interviewed by a Santa Clarita home seller. I'm considering them as if were them and want to get my best deal on commission, while not sacrificing potential re-sale amounts. I don't want to have a cheap service that is going to cost me more in the long run than spending more money on a reasonable commission upfront. I also want to know who I'm hiring. I want to have them explain to me why they are "different". And also what their real estate focus is.

When I'm interviewing service providers, I want to know they are going to be there for me and not leave me in the cold. I want to stay informed, be in the loop as it were. I don't want my calls and questions to fall on deaf ears. I want those who I am interviewing to always respond and even have such expert knowledge that most of what can happen when selling the home was covered in the interview!

How is the agent going to negotiate on my behalf? What if we get multiple offers? What are the "other" fees and how can I save money on those? What about counter officers, how do those get issued and what types of things are you going to say having my best interest in mind? What about you representing a potential home buyer on the same of my home? Do you believe in doing that? Or do you refer them out to another realtor, so you can be on my side 100%?

During 1998, coming from being a cop, this type of client focus has been paramount to our success. It's made the difference between us being at the top of the real estate search results because people are looking for the "non-typical" real estate agents. It also has made a HUGE difference in the"referral stream" that we entered a long time ago. People liked their experience when working with me and they told a friend, and family members when asked who they used for their Santa Clarita real estate needs.

The next time someone asks you what you are looking for in a real estate agent, you may want to re-think your answer. The ego-driven, commission focused, self-absorbed Santa Clarita realtors are losing ground quickly.

Having confidence in being to best handle a Santa Clarita buyer or Santa Clarita home seller's needs better than any other local real estate agent is one thing.

But having so much negative focus that they are unable to answer questions, give their time for free, not expect a signature upon the first meeting, and not pressure sell real estate, that is unacceptable today.

When Paris and I bought our first home back in 1996, this was not the case. The entire local Santa Clarita real estate market was ego driven. In fact, the agent we hired was one of those of whom I speak. We were just glad to have someone take the time to show us homes and write the offer. We did not experience any extra guidance and he did not offer to tell us what questions we should be asking. 

At the end of our first home purchase, we were taken advantage of. I swore, if I were ever a Realtor, I would never allow the same fate to fall on anyone who chose me for their Santa Clarita real estate needs.

That motto has served me very well and is why we are Blessed by so Many First time Santa Clarita home buyers, savvy home sellers and everyone in between.

To get that phone call, website registration, text message or email from a new, old or referral, is awesome and every single one is treated like a precious gem and not something you'd scrape off the bottom of your shoe.

Be safe when searching for the Top 10 real estate agents in Santa Clarita CA. I'm Connor MacIvor and I'm at your service for I am on the list of the top 10 real estate agents in Santa Clarita, CA on Yelp! - Look for Paris911.

Appearing to be the BEST or Top when not

I wanted to update this article because I did not harp on the AD's and marketing that goes into play when people are searching for the terms Best Santa Clarita Agent and Top Santa Clarita real estate agents, etc..

There are keyword purchases exceeding thousands of dollars that contribute to the results you are seeing. You know about the AD's - then on those websites, if you click through on the ones who say they are going to give you the best and top real estate agents, there is more paid for placement to be a part of those systems. They are not doing it because it's valiant. They are in place, with a large PPC, pay per click budget, because they are making the real estate agents who want to be BEST and Top on their website to pay them.

Since we have been serving the needs of our Santa Clarita real estate clients, I have specific operational guidelines.

Never Lie: The BEST agents never lie. This one is a killer and no matter how often I tell the agents I train, it still happens. For example, if someone wants to cancel the deal, don't think of the commission, only think of the client. If you have the client, I explain, then you will always have the business. But, if you lie to the client and as a result lose the client, which you will, then you have lost much more than would have been gained by being honest.

Ask Questions: Top Agents use questions in order to help the clients become informed. They use stories of past interactions and those gleaned from their years from experience in the real estate business. For example, what if there was going to be a strip mall built two blocks from your home? What if the local park was going to build a library and rec center across the street on part of the park? Then speak about those issues in the ways of truth as per your experience. For example, to build a library and rec center across from a home on a park would be bad, in most cases. A smart agent knows this and will ask questions soliciting responses that provide for the client to be enlightened in a way they would not otherwise be.

Be available: Before the transaction, during the transaction, and after the transaction. The Best Top Realtors are always available for their clients. We get calls from our clients about home warranty covered items that need attention. I tell my clients to call me first before the home warranty company so I can run interference. Not that they don't do a good job, quite the contrary, they do a great job or we would not refer business to them. I want to be in control of the ball and make sure that our clients get the attention they deserve. I referred the specific home warranty company and I want to be certain that my clients get the best service related to their needs.

When a transaction has completed, the Top agent's job is not completed. They should always be on standby for their clients in the case of things needed, questions to be answered or referrals to be obtained :)

Be safe - Thanks for taking the time to read my further dissertation on the BEST real estate agent update.