Being listed on Google is a Blessing to our real estate business.Online positioning and SEO

You may be wondering how we were able to achieve page 1 rankings in the organic sphere as it compares to the large real estate syndication websites, as you may be familiar with starting with a Z, T and R?

"Page 1 for the top Keyword Phrase in Santa Clarita CA:  Santa Clarita Real Estate"...

Our Team is in between the Mega Money Baked(intended) and the Even more powerful lobby, which is

A lot of hard and "focused" work is how!

I think anyone can do the focused work, that is all about knowledge and education.  Both of those are typically self attained, in regard to internet placement, due to constant changes to the "how" they rank websites.

In fact, you can buy a book today on SEO, and how to do the "focused" work, and it will be outdated in 4-6 weeks.

I get my Focused Education from listening to podcasts and watching top SEO minds on Google Plus.

Here are a few that I follow and have circled on Google Plus:

Joshua Berg

Bill Gassett

Elias Nathaniel

Al Remetch

Mark Traphagen

(alphabetical order) :)

While a couple of these masters, are involved in real estate - they are the heavyweights of Sharing and Collaboration.  Seek them out and see what they have to say.

After a couple of weeks, you will get the Focused Part.  It is now time to put the Hard Work into it in the Focused Way.

If you need help with working hard, you may want to consider another line of work :)

BTW - I know I have left some out, that is no indication of anyone not making my 5 of being substandard.  These 5 just happen to be those I actively Seek Out on a Multiple Time per Day Basis when on Google Plus.

If you have someone that I have missed and that I should stalk - Let me know :)  Just throw your suggestion in the comments below!!!