It is nice to be loved :-)

I love our Real Estate Search systems.  In fact, I know they are the best in the Real Estate search industry.  I know this for a fact becauseSearch for Santa Clarita real estate I have tested most of them and have decided to implement a couple of "pay handsomely for" search engines for our Select Clientele.

The main reason is that our Real Estate Search systems update several times per hour and have nothing to with "real estate syndication websites".  Those are the ones that have agents paying for membership so your personal information becomes theirs.  The cost for the agents - minimal, the cost to you - Your Personal Privacy. (read more about what IDX is and how it works)

Loyalty Defined:

loyalty - The act of being loyal?  Here is what I consider it to be.  The bond between a Husband and Wife.  The bond between Children and their Parents.  The relationship between a "trusted" advisor and a client.  The "code" that exists between long time friends.  I think we get it.

In Real Estate, it seems that "loyalty" is something that is not honored.  I attribute this to the poor world view of Real Estate agents.  A world view that was earned in the real estate markets of the past.  Even today, I can surf the web and read blogs that are produced by agents - and I see the same "world view" living large.

Do you get paid at your job?

When you go to work, what if your boss told you after you worked for two full weeks, "Hey ________(insert your name), we were going to pay you for the work you have done over the past two weeks, but we are going to give your pay to Carl..."

If you have been working with a real estate agent and if they have been working with you, showing you homes, educating you about the current real estate market, and if they have had your back - Stay Loyal.

Don't call other agents, don't visit open houses or new housing tracts without reading this first...  Always give your real estate agent the first shot and give them time to get you the intel.  It most likely the case of the Listing Agent not calling your agent back or not communicating with your real estate agent.

The Tricks, Ocean Front property in Arizona...

When you do, you might hear some really wonderful things, that are not as your present real estate agent might have told you.  Things like the following:

  • I am the best agent in the world.
  • I have been voted number 1 real estate agent in the Santa Clarita Valley 5 years running.
  • I am the number one agent in the Santa Clarita Valley.
  • I can get your offer accepted on anything you want.
  • I can get you larger discounts on the home you want to purchase.
  • I am the only one that can represent you with the home you are calling about.

Something to notice - these all are "introspective(selfish)" starting with an "I".  Your representative should be talking about you and your needs and desires. (read a bit about Procuring Cause - why it might be a problem for your agent)

These are 6 simple "misleading" script themes that tons of agents study on a daily basis.  Yes, Script's.  I'll never forget the words of a WestPoint instructor, "The Best Battle Plans work well until they are confronted by the enemy..."

Now, in real estate, the client should never be considered the "enemy".  Point being, scripts can be memorized, but they sound canned - Not the best way to Give Value to someone that is about to choose a real estate agent with the largest investment of their life.

Bad Real Estate agents:

If you are lied to, if you have been taken advantage of, if you are being misled, then get yourself another real estate agent.

One of the reasons for our Mandatory Buyer and or Seller orientations at our REMAX of Santa Clarita offices, is so we can all become acclimated to each other and for our prospective client to see if we are a good fit and visa versa.

Be Safe and here is to Good Real Estate!!!!