Good council is hard to find.  In fact, most of us could use "better council".  However, until that time, we will have to deal with what we have.

The Paris911 Team creating smiles for miles - but we are not dentists, we are realtorsDuring my first several years with the LAPD - I was surrounded by experts.  There were relationship experts, use of force experts, life experts, financial planning experts, stock market experts and the beloved real estate investor experts.

It seemed, no matter what you were wanting to do - if any "personal situation" got out - you had many experts knocking on your door to give you advice.

Albeit - some of the advice was not wanted and many of those that "claimed to be" experts, were not.

In fact, many were not...  This brings me to real estate.  Everyone has a story.  Someone, somewhere got the deal of the lifetime.  In fact, they got such a good "deal" that it will never be duplicated.

I will tell you, that if you trust your real estate professional, make sure to bounce any and all words coming from the "supposed experts", off of your realtor.

Give them a chance to answer the questions and give good advice.  If someone tells you that your agent should not be showing you homes that are short sales - then  you should take that back to your agents and say, "I have a friend at work that says you should not be showing me short sales..." - Give your realtor a chance to answer.

If someone at your work, within your family or at the grocery store tells you about the smoking hot deal they got when they bought their home - run the scenario by your real estate agent.

Tell then what you were told so you can find out if you missed the boat or if your friends are not really "experts" as they are portraying themselves.

Be safe - talk soon and remember to gauge experts with a grain of salt - even those in real estate.