Do you BBQ? When you are cooking some expensive pieces of meat, you pay attention. If your family likes everything well done you adjust the flame and height on the grill. There is nothing different when you want to take special care of your clients.

Slowly watch, turn carefully, open the lid often. The set it and forget it strategy is not service. It is lazy. With real estate we can set up our clients with an automatic drip of new listings that match their needs. However, when we do the search daily ourselves, we win big. It pays off to continually pay attention.

Clients are not served by them being able to obtain a service or product somewhere else for cheaper. They are served by someone caring and paying attention to their specific needs.

When you take the time to do specific searches and communicate those to the client. It let's the client know you ate interested in helping them.

Giving value first is the way to approach all of your clients. The big companies cannot do this because it is not cost effective. When you use this approach, you win, and so does your client.

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