Getting more money from your home

Before we get into the article regarding Bathrooms and the value they add.  We need to have a heart to heart with those of you that are considering selling.

When we meet with our prospective sellers the first thing we do is a walk through of their home, condo or town-home that they want sold.  We then appraise our clients of the current real estate market and the returns we see, as top buyers representatives, if they do invest $$$ to change, remodel, fix, etc.

When the market is more considered a "Sellers Real Estate market", to do much of anything may not be worth it when it comes to penciling out the numbers.  It very well may be that those other homes that are coming onto the market are not lasting but hours before they have offers written on them.

Point Being - make sure you are speaking with local Real Estate Experts.  The same applies to those of you considering Short Selling.  Reminder, Short Selling is an owner, Via a Short Sale Expert, starting negotiation with the bank - via that Realtor - to sell for less than owed.

Bathrooms are a remodel focus for many homeowners. Typically a small space in comparison with any other room in a home updates to bathrooms are visible and instantly improve the look of the room and a home’s appeal. Whether you are simply redoing the tile, replacing fixtures, or gutting a bathroom and starting from scratch there is no doubt that completing a facelift to a bathroom can add value to a home.

If you are considering a remodel to your bathroom you may want to consider what’s “in” at the moment. Large showers are more popular than large jacuzzi tubs, easily created with a shower pan and tile without having to purchase a tub or enclosure. Large rain type shower heads are also high on the list as are secondary hand-held shower heads. As far as bathtubs go, large soaker tubs are the thing if your bathroom is large enough to accommodate both a tub and a shower.

It comes as no surprise that energy efficient and “green” improvements are also a top seller in today’s bathroom. Conserving water and heating water efficiently top the list. Natural light is another priority.

People spend a lot of time in bathrooms, making them “popular” rooms in a home. Improving and updating bathrooms can update the entire feel of your home, making it more attractive to a potential buyer.

Remember - to give any prospective seller comparables over the phone is not the best way to go about your Real Estate Business.  Make sure your real estate professional is willing to come out to your home.  Doing so without contracts - but with themselves to give you the 20/20 on the current real estate market.  Give Advice on what they would change, modify and repair.  Also - they should have great insight into the mind of Buyers in the Current Market.  That will help you immensely.