Agents have so much to offer their clients, but interrupting them is not something I would be bragging about.

I don't think anybody's bragging about it, but when you go knock on somebody's door, interrupt their private solitude, in their fortress of love, you're just asking for problems.

I couldn't help but be taken back yesterday when I got a knock on my door about 8 AM as I was getting ready to meet some clients to show properties.

As I opened the door, from my prior police experience, I don't stand open in the doorway, I peak from around the corner. Yesterday was no different, as I opened the door, the only thing the person standing on the other side Of my door, that knocked, could see was about a quarter of my face. To make a further point, he did not recognize me, but I did recognize him. He's a real estate agent out of my very own office at Remax of Santa Clarita.

As I teach, the days of interruption marketing are, or should be, something of the past. There are very few people out there in the world that appreciate a sales person banging on their door, removing them from their comfortable place, and then pitching them when they do open the door. Trying to sell them A House or trying to get them to sell their own home. Further inquiring if they happen to know anybody else that may be wanting to buy or sell real estate.

If you're in the world of sales, do yourself a favor. Get with it online, put yourself where people are searching for your particular product or service. That way, you are getting people's permission because they sought you out.