Avoiding foreclosureFirst things first, why would you want to avoid foreclosure in the first place?  We have had some very close family members and friends that have experienced a Foreclosure and it was by no means a "walk in the park".

If a person is having a hard spot in life, they might have lost their job, had over time cut, are getting divorced or are experiencing health issues - People that Judge those people should be very conscious of the old advice, "people living in glass houses should not throw stones..."

The banks have come around to the same type of thinking.  The Banks have started various programs that assist those that are in a "bind" and are experiencing a bad "life changing event".  One of these "helps" is known as a Short Sale.

A Short sale is a "professional" negotiating with your Bank or Banks on your behalf to get them to all you to sell your home for less than the amount of the loan or loans.

Seems simple right? - Well, I will tell you that not all banks are created equal.  I'll also say that not all banks understand the governmental "helping owners avoid foreclosure" programs the same either.

But, pressing forward we usually get the banks to grant our sellers approvals on their Short Sale Wishes.

It does not stop there.  A short sale seller needs to make other living arrangements when it comes close to the time of closing. This is not a "Mystery" time period.  You will know it because this happens usually 45-60 days after Short Sale approval is granted.

Renting for a Short Sale Seller is not as difficult as you might think.  Most "landlords" understand what a "charge off" with regard to a Short Sale is and how it renders on your Credit Report.  If you don't have any other "Credit issues" besides the Short Sale on your Credit Report - you will most likely be good to go.

This article would not be complete without the mention of the loan modification process.  Do it yourself.  Contact your bank and ask them the following questions as we have laid out on our Brief about doing a Loan Modification on your own.