There comes a time when we have to step away from those that are close to us and let them fly on their own.

Not that you are going to take flight - but we have opened our our doors on the Santa Clarita Business Blog to co-authors.

If you have a local business and want to do some writing about it on our Business Platform - We are now open for it.Talk about your Business on the Santa Clarita Business Blog

No money will change hands, we don't charge to have you put your business in lights.  We are climbing the Google and Bing SEO ladders each and every day.

Now is your change to push your business to the next level by getting Content to the Masses.

Da Rules:

  • We want a clean fight - no slander, hitting below the belt, or naming other competitors or their businesses.
  • We reserve the right to modify entries to become more SEO friendly or edit where appropriate.
  • We will review the post before it is made live.
  • Heck, I'll even talk to you about making your articles better. We are hiring more Real Estate Staff :-)
  • We want only Local Santa Clarita Businesses and those businesses that contribute to a better life for residents of the Santa Clarita Valley.
  • Tax Exempt non profits and local blog authors with something that will add value to the experiences of the local residents in the SCV are also welcome to be co-authors.

Now that you know the rules - it's time to start Blogging....

How to get started: Send me your preferred username - send me a couple of variations, i.e.  streetsweeper, breadaligner, sweatcollar, etc - make them without spaces.  Then send me your email - as soon as I get both of those items, I'll set you up as an author on the Santa Clarita Business Blog.

How to write a blog? - It is very easy - Here is a video I produced that will answer some of the basic questions about writing a blog post on a WordPress platform - which Santa Clarita Business Blog is.

Turn around time between your writing and me reviewing and posting? - Probably 12-24 hours between the time you submit a post for review and I get it published.  Please keep checking back.  If I have any issues with your content or if I am going to change anything - I'll let you know beforehand my reasoning.

Remember, I am a Real Estate Agent that has become pretty good at advertising our Sellers Listings and marketing to buyers - I am happy doing that and that alone.  I don't have any paid positions on our Business Blog or sponsorships, your post or write up will get the attention it deserves from Google and Bing - I have social networks plugged into each page so you, your friends and Sphere of Influence(S.O.I.), can tweet, like etc. - Giving you more Social Media Juice (which is not being watched hard by Google and Bing BTW).

This is a Free Service to assist our local Business community and the other local organizations.  Because it is the right thing to do!

BTW - "content is king" - the more you write, the more you will be indexed and the more you are indexed, with relevant and on topic content, the higher you will rank on Google and Bing.