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Since 1998 we have had hundreds of home buyers and home sellers in Santa Clarita Valley encounter a type of loan known as an FHA Loan.

The FHA loan type is very popular due to it's low down payment requirement when buying a Santa Clarita home or other FHA qualifying property.

3.5% is the price of admission to owning a piece of the American Dream in Santa Clarita Valley.

The Santa Clarita Valley real estate market is currently priced, for residential real estate, from the high $200,000's to multiple millions of dollars.

For example, for less than $10,000 down payment you can buy a Condo/Town-home in the Santa Clarita Valley. With a mortgage interest deduction and other benefits of homeownership in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities, it's something to smile about - from ear to ear :)

Rising interest rates and FHA loans

It's no secret that interest rates are rising and have been. Today real estate interest rates are in the mid 4's, as far as interest rates go and that is causing some alarm amongst real estate buyers in the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

However, it would just so happen that FHA just lowered their property mortgage insurance fee for those utilizing a FHA loan to buy real estate.

Property Mortgage Insurance, AKA - MI, is a fee to use an FHA loan to borrow money when a person is putting less than a 20% down payment. As stated, with FHA you only have to put down 3.5% when buying residential real estate on conforming properties.

A word about "conforming properties". It used to be the case where a majority of properties which had Home Owners Associations in place were FHA approved. The pendulum has swung the other way following the last fall of the real estate market.

Find FHA approved real estate listings here.

This "swinging" was due to the HOA's not having their fee's paid, causing some of the properties to become insolvent and FHA not renewing their approval of those real estate properties. We see that very few HOA controlled properties are FHA approved in the Santa Clarita Valley.

For town-homes and condos which have Home Owners Associations in place - It's up to the properties to seek FHA re-approval again. As far as Single Family Homes, most SFR's in the SCV cities are FHA approved. Even those with Home Owners Associations, if they are Single Family Homes, they are typically green lighted by the FHA. If they are in horrible shape, FHA may still refuse to loan on them, it will be up to the appraiser to report on the properties condition.

There was a higher requirement and additional payment due to the past price of mortgage insurance, MI. This fee has been lowered and adjusted in accordance with the rising interest rates. While the "rising interest rates" were not a direct cause of the MI reducing, it was a thought out plan to keep people interested in owning a piece of the American Dream in Santa Clarita and Beyond.

What the FHA MI reduction means in real numbers

Santa Clarita home loans

Mortgage insurance was "price" applicable. If you were buying a home with an FHA loan and you were paying $450,000 you had a particular MI attached to that loan when only putting down 3.5%. If the home was more expensive, then your MI was more and if less expensive, then less.

I asked a lender friend of mine what this means for the FHA home buyers in the Santa Clarita Valley and to break it down in simple terms so I may speak about it.

My Question:

Would you break down by 100k increments the FHA(federal housing administration) MI (mortgage interest) reduction please, for me so I can share it?
Thanks. "

Meena's Response: 

"It is $21.00 per month per 100K!

it is like a .375% reduction in your loan rate! "

Where that leaves us when using FHA to buy

This FHA MI reduction was truly a great idea with the rising interest rates. This made a lot of our home buyers take a breath in relief. If you look at the second line of Mike Meena's response you will see that he has even broken down the "interest rate impact" as related to the "FHA Mortgage Interest reduction".


And that is why I appreciate him as being our Top Real Estate lender for our home buyers in the Santa Clarita Valley and Beyond.

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