I would venture to say "No, they are not". We seem to attract some very "educated" people in the real estate re-sale and new housing representation world.  In fact, we have had some of the IT people from Kaiser Permanente use us recently to buy houses in the Santa Clarita Valley. We have had a few engineer's from Disney over the past few months use us(the Paris911 team at REMAX) to buy real estate.  Currently, we have a couple of "Rocket Scientists" that are using us to buy a home in Stevenson Ranch or Valencia CA.

I suppose this needs to be said, if you are a real estate agent that is wanting to represent buyers and sellers of real estate, neglecting the talking about of the Santa Clarita real estate market in any way, shape or form, you may lose the fight.

There are many different ways to get the data which your clients will find useful as far as the local housing community is concerned.  You can go to your local board and pull statistics.  You can check into the numbers of homes that have sold in the past several months in accordance with specific configurations.  Check on the 4 bedroom homes that have sold within a specific city or neighborhood.  You can then get fancy and do the + or - averages between what each additional bedroom would cost, on average or how much pool's are worth.

The data is what some of the more educated types of real estate buyers and sellers are looking for. They don't want to be sold to.  They despise high pressure and they are educated in the realm of the "typical real estate tricks and shams".  The thing where we have an advantage in this field has to do with our backgrounds.  As police officers for a long time, we hate those games, shams and typical sales tricks.  I don't want to be sold to and I hate high pressure.

Blessed are the real estate agents that are told this up front by their clients.  That way they are "in check" and will probably not step over the lines in the sand established by those utilizing their real estate representation services.

A Note:  More and more people are getting into the "educational" side of real estate.  Most buyers and sellers of real estate are much more educated in the real estate processes than they used to be.  One of the reasons has to do with the advent and "taking off" of the internet.  Data and information are so easily obtained on the WWW.

Here is a graph that our clients sent us this AM - Remember, the rocket scientists I spoke about?  They are a Blessing and It's nice to see people that take home buying seriously!!!!

Market data for Westridge homes for sale