In the beginning we had paper and markers.  I remember teaching DRE, the Infamous Drug Recognition Expert Course that was started by a couple of Fellas from the LAPD - back in the day.

We had flip charts - we drew pretty pictures explaining the different parts of the human biological systems, and how drugs impacted them, plus other things.

It was an 80 hour course, so we wore out the flip charts...

Then came Power Point.  Some were okay, most sucked.  No more than six lines of text per slide.  Stay away from graphics and keep it simple.  Use the impact font and don't get fancy with colored slides.

Today - We have PowerPoint on Steriods.  Slideshare - This is only after a few days after I just did a few quickies.

Check it out - make sure you plus in your Slideshare link into your Google Profile.

Be safe - here are a couple that I did: