Get the true real estate inventoryThat would be me, by what my clients have explained about some of their "pre Paris911" experiences when searching for homes, condo's and town-homes on-line.

In fact, I am so "tired", I have built a real estate search for all of Southern California that only shows the "Real and Actual" listings that are for sale at the present moment.

The numbers on this "Real Multiple Listing System" are going to differ widely when compared with some of the real estate syndication websites that have been built to get your personal and private information from you.

One of the things you are going to want to discover is who "exactly" is going to get your personal information?  You maybe able to find this information on the "Real Estate Syndication" website faq page or maybe the Privacy Statement page.

Some of the FAQ or Privacy Statement pages can be quite revealing with giving the Real Estate syndication website ultimate control over your personal information, your name, email address, home address, phone number and search habits from the time you give it up and until the end of time...

Be safe - Have a Happy Sunday and let us know when you are ready to move and we will be there to be of BEST assistance.