Do you have to give up who you are?

When searching for homes, do you find yourself having to give up your personal and private information before being allowed to search for homes, condo's or town-homes?

Top Selling RealtorsSome of the Real Estate websites are structured so you will be prompted to register to search for homes after those websites have "proven themselves".

The Real Estate syndication websites spend big money to determine how many searches are required to get to the center of the Tootsie Roll Pop - Or at least that has the best success at the "searcher" giving up their personal info without clicking off.

Searching with Anonymity

How can you search without having to give up your anonymity?  You may want to use a local real estate website.  Use a website where you can find the "owner" to express to them your displeasure if they violate your trust.

Local REMAX Realtors in Santa Clarita Valley

Paris911 - that is our brand within a brand.  I am proud to express to our clients how we first came to be real estate agents in the Clarita Valley.

FYI - REMAX is our home - but Paris911 is our Service Mark.  Paris is a live person - not that person, but my partner in real estate.  I was an LAPD officer for 17 years full time and 5 additional years as a reserve officer.  Paris911 - It's not just a clever name.

Reach out to us when you are ready.  Meanwhile - you can search all Southern California Real estate from all of our Paris911 Systems with no Registration Necessary - Ever!!!