You may not be.  In fact, we are proud supporters, with some of our clients (sellers), in protecting their homes for sale frompopulating the Syndication Websites.We have specific reasons for this and this decision is very "Seller Dependent". Meaning, if after we are interviewed by the Pre-Paris911 Seller and they ask where their home is going to show up advertised on-line, we will tell them.  If our sellers don't want that to happen, we oblige and don't allow their home listing hit the Internet via the syndication websites.Paris911 is REMAX of Santa ClaitaAGENTS WANT THE SYNDICATION SITES TO TAKE THEIR LISTINGS:  This equals more leads, more connections and more exposure for the agent.  It also means more money and more exposure for the syndication company. We reserve the right to always give our Sellers the "Rest of the Story" and let them make the decision.  After all, they are the true BOSS.Some of our sellers don't want their home being published on line on some of the real estate syndication sites.  One of the reasons they have told us personally has to do with the "Values and Comparables" that accompany their on-line listings.  Most of the time they are very low in comparison with the sellers list price. "That really hurts our ability to get more money from the home we are selling...",remarked Clyde, a recent Paris911 convert :)

More and more real estate sellers are adopting this philosophy of stopping their homes for sale from showing up online on websites they cannot control.  We also find that a majority of our Short Sale Sellers are not wanting everyone to know their business.

In the cases where the Real Estate seller wants their agent to "Opt-Out" of the syndication real estate publication, you are not going to see those homes, condo's and town-homes for sale on-line. You are only going to see them if you are working with a local real estate agent.  They can see those listings and pass them along to you!Here is a quick video explaining more of the "Keeping my home from the Syndication Websites".