10 escrows opening in 10 days.  That is not too bad.  However, when you read of such things on FaceBook, most of the time those posting these stories are showing off.

REMAX's Paris911 Team in Santa Clarita CAWhen will real estate agents learn that Facebook is not for that.  A business Page on facebook - yes - but on your personal page where you have your friends, family and other real estate agents...  That's surely not the place for "grandstanding and self promotion".

Me - I don't care.  We don't post up stuff like that on our Business Page either.  We are about the dissemination of information related to our craft.  Real Estate - that is our craft.

It is by us sharing that intel, that we confirm that we know what is going on in the real estate market.  Something that we recently shared was if a home buyer bought a home in Valencia CA back in June of 2012 - by February of 2013 - they could sell it for a profit.

After paying the closing costs - etc, they could sell their home at a profit.

That is tangible, that is real, that helps everyone understand.  That means prices are going up. That is something people can use.

But someone constantly touting how many sellers are selling with them, how many buyers they are representing - etc.... That is something that should be left for their "I love me wall".

Where are you going for news - real estate and otherwise.  We do our Daily Santa Clarita real estate Shows - which this is a part of.  We talk about the new real estate inventory within the Santa Clarita Valley cities - how to buy a home under market value and how to get the best deals when hiring real estate representatives.

We have some Landing Page resources for the Santa Clarita Valley real estate community.

We now have "committed" Santa Clarita real estate blog pages - accessible from anywhere in the world.  We have also chosen to make our new blogs - Responsive - meaning they work on all mobile devices.

Searching on-line for that which you seek can turn out to be a pain.  That is why it's best to use the local resources and Santa Clarita City Sites.