There comes a time when a person needs to commit or leave. I also know a person could commit to leave :-)

With regard to moving, relocating and those "big", sometimes "life altering" decisions, doing your research is very important. You may start your research online. You then might contact a local realtor. But, sooner or later, you are going to set your very own feet on the ground.

Our Remax relocation experience has shown us that, no matter what information we sent to a relocation client or human relations department, it is never the same as the personal experience.

The fact if the matter is, "I may love the Santa Clarita Valley, the schools, the paseos, the entertainment, the everything" and you might hate it. Some cities are not "one size fits all".

Each month we have started to send out gifts to our exclusive and potential clientele within real estate. By texting SCV to 72727, you get a text message with a free prize inside every month.

You can also visit and view the free Prize inside that way! Enjoy the gifts and I hope you will find that the ground in the Santa Clarita Valley feels good!