I suppose that I am feeling a bit more "sheepish" than usual.  I know that you know, there is change occurring in this "free world".  Curtailing of media sources, internet sites and within other aspects of life, used to influence our choices and causing us to make determinations on the whim of those pulling the levers.

What about choosing a real estate agent?  If you had a friend that you liked, and they sold real estate, would you think twice about choosing them?  If you hesistated, it is probably because you are worried about ruining your friendship with them.  You have heard the saying, "never mix business with pleasure - or Never mix business with friendship..."  I say Hog Wash to that old saying. But only if your friend is the BEST at what they do...

I would use my friend if they were involved in a service industry that I needed to use.  As far as I see it, there is much more accountability in friendship when hiring a service professional.  But, how good is your friend at what they do?

One of the problems with hiring a friend might be that they are horrible at the service they provide.  Maybe they are hated or they are the "talk of your sphere" in the way they don't pack the gear to serve in their chosen industry.

That is when you have a definite dilemma.  Your "friendship" will now be tested when you don't use them to help you and especially if they find out.  How honest can you be with them?  Can you say to them, "Hey, I was going to use you for...  But you are horrible!" - or - "So and so is better..."?

If you don't have a friend in the Real Estate business - then how do you choose?  Do you rely on one of the large real estate syndication websites to choose the agent that is paying for their service and for your personal information?  What about choosing an agent that is constantly killing trees mailing stuff to your home.  I know, what about the agent that is knocking on your door interrupting your private family time - wanting to know if you want to sell or buy - or if you know anyone that does?  All these are the "interruption" type of marketer.

What about an agent that is tops in their Field within the Santa Clarita real estate world, but always asks for permission to help you?  Permission only asked when you are ready to do the hiring?  

That is the way we love to play this real estate game.  We are dug in within all of the Social Media platforms within the Real Estate community.  We offer that to our clients when it comes to getting them what they want that is real estate related. Selling a home or helping them find the perfect one to buy.  Before you embark on a real estate "seek and destroy" mission - try to contact a local expert that is appearing high in the search engines from writing content and answering questions.  That is the truly the "sweet spot" within the real estate representation world.

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