Maybe you have gotten the call?  "Hey, do you want to know why most "facebook" oriented businesses out perform the competition?"  "It is because there are literally Hundreds of Millions of "daily users" on facebook searching for businesses like yours."  "We can help you in getting your Local Santa Clarita Business exposed and derive all of those searching on FaceBook for $____.__."

Don't forget the images when writing your contentMaybe you have not gotten the call from those that are stating they are representing FaceBook.  However, it is just the newest "shell game" that has been circling the local Santa Clarita Business world.

I have received some calls from my friends about the calls they have received and I have told them my opinion.  "The thing that scares me about any business that is entirely dependent on their Web Preasance being on FaceBook, is that Facebook owns their Business Page."  "They can shut it down when they want, God forbid it gets hacked - You are left without help..."

Also, those callers that are attempting to monetize you will use some of your $$$ to pay for FaceBook ads built on the Keyword model as in Google "pay per click" campaigns.

Again, there is nothing wrong with that, but like Adwords, it is nice to be able to at least know how the system works so you can know if you are being "taken" or not.

Within the Real Estate world there are several "Realtor" blogging systems out there.  They have very clever names and the content that you write about your Real Estate business is owned by the company that owns the platform.  Some will allow you to export your blog posts and some will not.  In either case, you are depending on the "company" to keep you in good standing.

What is the "good standing" thing changes.  What if you were to disagree with something one of their "top level agents" were to say about FHA Versus VA Loans? - Example :-)  I knew a local real estate agent(wink wink), that thought that the Veterans deserved a much bigger break than they are given.  VA loans are looked at as the "bottom of the pile" in "resale circles".  I wrote the post and was banned :-)

It could mean that you get shut out and all of your content is gone.  Another cold day in "content marketing" rears it's ugly head.

But if you have your own content and you are  writing on your own platform, then you will never have to face that "drummer".

Write, write and write some more.  Learn the platforms that make up blogs,  your own blog, write and learn how to post photos.  If you need help in getting this started - call me.  I talk with several people a day, (with ZERO expectation), wanting to give them a start that I never had.

You could own a service company, you could own a internet based company, you could own a brick and mortar shop - it works with all.  Just do yourself a favor, use FaceBook, use the "other's" platforms, just don't neglect your own Content Marketing on your very own Site!!!

All of the channels in the world should come back to your core site.  All of them.  If you are 100% on Facebook, consider if they were to delete your page, even by accident, where would your business be?  Makes you nervous doesn't it?

Be Safe and let us know how we can help your business.  Have you given thought to coming onto Santa Clarita Radio and talking with us about your business, service or product?

By the Way - if you are wondering how to start writing and what you will write about - you need to get to the CopyBlogger website and read!How to copy write for your local business