One thing that I know is content. Not everything there is to know but more than the average bear.  However, for the things I don't know, that is why I rely on CopyBlogger to give me those tidbits and morsels of information.

Another thing I know is that I am an Addicted WordPress plug in junkie.  In the literal sense of the term, "Junkie", I am addicted to installing Plugins.

Third and last - I know that I am not fit to keep tabs on our Wordpress installs.  I have broke, installed, broke again, most of our WordPress sites.

I glean lots of information from the Podcasts I listen to from the masters of SEO and WordPress.  Those Podcasts talk about a variety of Plugins.  Some sound super good and I'm driven to install them.  Sometimes, with horrible results.

That is why we just did a "summer cleaning" of our Wordpress sites.  Hours and hours were invested by our WordPress builders, Kinetic Knowledge.

These plugins did not affect my rankings, but they could have.  In fact, it has only been a few days since the cleaning was finished - I will keep you posted as to whether I climb higher in the SERP's(search engine result pages) as a result.

Remember, not every plugin is what it states it is.  Some promise you are going to have a top ranking blog site.  Others explain that their plug in will make it easier for you to ____________(fill in the blank).  However, what if the plugin you are installing has been abandoned by the builder?  What then?  No updates, no "new verison of Wordpress compatibility", how can you keep tabs on those types of neglected PlugIns?

I am a real estate agent that loves to publish content about the questions real estate buyers and sellers have most.  We are quite good at selling homes, representing buyers and sellers of real estate.  

Although we keep abreast of the Loan Process and interest rates - We are not Lenders.  While we have, "pest inspections and home inspections", down to a science - We are not those service providers either.  Escrow is no longer a mystery to us - but we are not about to become escrow officers.

Our same stance applies to WordPress. You can get a Free Wordpress Blog.  They are quite good.  But to have your own install is like stepping up from a old and un-refined .22 caliber revolver to a .45 caliber Kimber.

Both the .22 and the .45 can get most jobs done - it's just that the .45 will do so with less effort in the long run.  With the .45 you will have more time for the "victory dance".

Have you heard of the North-Eastern United States?  I am sure you have.  That is where the founder of Kinetic Knowledge is located - accent and all.  The thing that you may appreciate, as I do, is Chris(of Kinetic Knowledge), being straight from the hip when it comes to telling me what I'm doing wrong.

In California - there is very little of the, "Be honest, no matter who's offended".  They don't seem to have that issue in the North Eastern U.S.

How do you do WordPress?  What podcasts do you find the best when it comes to "content management"?  Do you think you need to step up to a "self hosted" wordpress solution handled by Experts?