Educating yourself with regard to technology is a must in today's fast advancing world.  I listen to several SEO, Search Engine Optimization Podcasts on iTunes.  They are free to subsribe to and give me that extra edge when it comes to building my Paris911 Team's on-line presence.

Back some time ago, I had some changes implemented into my Wordpress blogs to allow for Google to recognize me as the author.  I write all of my own content, and because of that, I wanted this to show me as the "originator" of my Paris911 Content.

After months of waiting, Google finally sent me the following E-mail:


"You've established your Authorship, which means your photo and a link to your profile can now appear next to your content in search results. Learn more

When your Authorship information appears, it will look something like this:

Your page title

by Connor T. MacIVOR - in 845 Google+ circles.
A relevant snippet from the page will appear here. The excerpt will depend on the user's search terms.

Here's a list of your pages currently in Google's search index. To see Authorship in action, try searching for some of these pages on Google.

Did you know? Signing up for Authorship means you can now learn how often your pages are appearing in Google search results. Learn more"

I wish to thank Kinetic Knowledge for putting up with my requests and I'm glad I have them as my Word Press Blog Providers!