With the way prices have been increasing in residental real estate within the Cities that are in the Santa Clarita Valley and across the rest of the U.S. - some of the media is asking this question. Paris911.com/prices

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"Are we headed for a secondary housing bubble? Are we on our way to a "fiscal cliff" of sorts?

Probably not, unless you have some Pocket Inventory in the Hundreds of Thousands of units. And if you do, we should release those properties slowly so that the market continues on a increasing level.

We have not heard from our latest set of real estate buyers that had worked with another team of real estate agents before jumping ship.

The last word was they were frustrated by the present market and were going to decide whether to sign a year lease.

As I told them during our "meet and greet" meeting Paris911.com/crashcourse We have a sticky real estate market and if you are a buyer that is using VA or FHA financing, you are going to be bumped around a bit.

Kind of like being on a smaller boat during a storm at sea - goes with the territory - if you don't get sea sick, we will be good - if you don - we need to take precautions.

We inform all of our Santa Clarita real estate clients in our offices at REMAX as if they all get Sea Sick. We want to give them the armament before boarding our vessel. Paris911.com/offices

It seems to help place our Local real estate buyers at ease. The more someone knows about what they are about to get into - the better off they are during the long run.

Regarding the buyers that are going to sign another lease agreement - I told them that we may see a 4-7% increase over the next 12 months. We may also see a flux in interest rates. I wanted to them to do the Math about what that'd be and decide if it would be worth it to wait or pay the extra fee for renting on a month to month basis. Paris911.com/rent

Fortunately, for every buyer or seller in the world - the decision to buy or sell - the final decision lies with them. You should never allow a real estate professional or other professional to influence such big decision.