The question of the day is from our ownParis911 real estate minds.  We have been on an increase with sales prices in Valencia CA during the last few weeks.  Does that mean that the real estate market in the Santa Clarita Valley is headed for a turn around?REMAX of Santa Clarita Paris911 TeamWith all of the talk about "Shadow Inventory", the "Foreclosure Releases", and other "doom's day topics" in real estate, it would appear we are far from this Real Estate market decline being over.

The thing you have to understand and wrap your mind around is thatreal estate sales people, sell real estate. If they are not selling real estate they are not paying their bills.  If they are not paying their bills, they are not in real estate.We are not HUNGRY, but we are serious about our business and our "Why we sell real estate...".  We want our clients to buy real estate based on the facts at hand.And not about "scare tactics" about how interest rates are going to be driven through the roof, so you BETTER BUY NOW!!! Below is the Chart for Valencia CA - this page updates with the most current real estate prices for this SpecificCity in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Have a look - near the beginning of each new week, our independent Valencia CA real estate research firm will get the new data uploaded and it will render on the chart below.

If you want this kind of intel to be emailed to you about any of the Cities that compose the Santa Clarita Valley - We have that option -Just visit our Real Estate core website that answers the question for each and every Santa Clarita City - "How's the real estate market..."