How interesting is it that deceit and rule breaking exist in Sales. I suppose this has happened since the time when the first neanderthal sold the first rock to another. "This rock was captured from the Netheranic region, which is to believed to possess special magical powers..." I can truly hear this being said now.

In real estate it may be the spin on a home that "needs work" by calling it a "contractors dream", or stating "Bring your ToolBox". These things instead of letting people know that it will not qualify for a particular type of financing and why. It may need flooring, it may be missing appliances or have holes in the walls - all three items will prohibit this home from selling with a FHA Loan or Even a VA loan.

A post that we threw together this AM came as a result of a Short Sale briefing we held yesterday at our offices - This particular Short Sale client had the wool pulled over his eyes when it came to the Mello Roos and Special Assessments at a home he wanted to buy. click here to get more information about short selling a Santa Clarita home

It happened to be that the home was within a New Construction Development in Valencia CA. One of the agents representing the builder explained that they had all of their current inventory sold and the waiting list was over 2 months long. He could not believe it and was very "visibly upset". One of the agents then informed him that there was a way in which he could get to the top of the list. To call a particular "Regular re-sale real estate agent'. If you are house hunting - read this first

I guess miracles do happen. The buyer called the agent that the builders agents referred him to and he was in escrow within a few days. So much for that two month waiting list. It strikes me as strange that a Builders Representative would violate their employer by setting up an "outside" real estate agent. The only problem with this arrangement was the fact that the Mello Roos was hidden, on purpose, from the buyer. In my Office, that Buyer was pissed.

I am confident that this buyer, now short sale seller would like to visit the three agents involved behind the tool shed.

Stay tuned for more "Behind the Tool Shed Stories..." by The Paris911 Team.