A while back, I wrote a blog post where the title was about "Can't the Veterans Get a Break".  I was serious when I spoke about the VA loan being on the lowest level of the "acceptance" ladder.

VA approved real estate for saleWhen we are representing a VA client - one that is using their VA loan to purchase a property - they are always the last accepted :-( by the sellers of the world.

There are certain circumstances where sellers might accept a VA offer above a conventional or FHA offer - but those circumstances are quite rare.

However - there is a change a foot - at least to save the VA borrower a bit of money in Loan Costs.

Have a Read from this San Diego Real Estate Blog - about the Changes to the VA lending program.

If you are approaching buying a home with a VA Loan - I have a word of advice - Get yourself an Agent that is on your team and that understands how to present offers to Agents on their "for sale" listings. - It will help you get what you want.

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