We did our broadcast with my 11 year old son - asked him about real estate, and it would seem that Batman has a lot going on.

Much more than we selling real estate ever could have.  I so get that, I want to be Batman.

Looking at the local market, there are new Santa Clarita real estate listings that enter the

Santa Clarita Paris911 Team of Realtors

"for sale" market daily.  This is because Sellers are considering it a good time to sell.

With that - the Santa Clarita real estate buyers are not slowing down at all.  Because? - Because they consider it a good time to buy.

What are the facts?

Instead of giving you opinions, I will only state facts.  The facts are these:

These are facts, not opinion.  Ask your real estate professional about selling or buying real estate.  Watch out for the "high pressure" answer and those that are an attempt to influence your decision one way or another.

Most professionals, those that are still making a full time business out of real estate, don't condone those types of "knee jerk" answers to real estate inquiries.

Be safe - talk soon and thanks for checking out our Friday update on the Santa Clarita real estate daily radio podcast.