We have many different boards of Realtors in Southern California. Each with it's own MLS - Multiple Listing Service, MLS, Feed. That Feed is where you will find all of the actual listings which are for sale.

Zillow and Trulia cannot claim this because in order for me to have these systems, I have to be a Licensed Realtor in Good Standing. I also have to be with a Broker that is a member, as I have to be, of the California Association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors in Good Standing, they are NOT!!!

Our SCVnest Website and our real estate and home scouting APP have been set up with this very connection. They are direct to the Multiple Listing services and absolutely confidential. After downloading Home Scouting - use your VIP Code: scvnest

Santa Clarita real estate app

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These systems are how our clients stay on top of what is actually for sale versus the "tricky" listings and lacking inventory on the other websites. Zillow and Trulia are lacking in listing due to the real estate agents and sellers being able to have their home listings excluded from those websites.

In addition, an agent is able to enter a listing into Zillow and Trulia, if they have a paid membership, even if that listing is not in the Multiple Listing Service - There is no Policing of those "pocket or pre market" listings, like has to happen with the real Board of Realtors Multiple Listing Service.

Our systems are Local Real Estate Search sites and are a game changer for sure. Please enjoy our Real Estate App. It's the BEST in the Business and has the fastest updates and the largest reach. Plus - as stated, you don't have to worry about anyone harassing you.

Some of you don't want to install a real estate home search and valuation app on your apple or android device. I get that more than you know. I merely wanted to give you the option.

Search for homes for sale without an APP!

All of our websites for home searching derive all of their real estate updates and listings directly from the Multiple Listing Service too.

They are GPS enabled and will also render properly on your iPad, iPhone, Android, Galaxy, tablet, mobile phone, etc...  Our sites and real estate search systems are mobile friendly and don't require you download an APP.

However, for those of you who want an APP - We have it. Be sure to use our VIP code so you are only seen my yours truly, after you download it. SCVNEST is your personal VIP Code. SCVnest is also the website which is responsive and connected to the actual Multiple Listing Service by the local Boards of Realtors. Be safe - let me know what you think and please reach out to me when you are ready!