I have spoken with a lot of homeowners and they all say "most" of their remodel projects were straight out of a "horror story".

From trying to decide what to do first, to hiring the "right" contractor. The attempting to balance "Cost versus Value" is also an issue that most are not ready to undertake.

Home improvements can lead to prescriptions When it comes to doing that "remodeling" job, where should you start. Should it be with the Kitchen, which is deemed by most home buyers as being the focal point of most homes.

What about the Bathrooms - Maybe that is where your home improvement project should start. I mean, who doesn't want a nice bathroom that does not have those "faded off white cabinets with the doors that look like they are hanging on for their dear life...". I've always appreciated the multi colored tan sinks with the pink 1" tiles all around the backsplash and the 4" pink tiles on the counters.

Mistakes happen when remodeling Residential homes.  Nothing is worse than spending money to repair or change your home and having the project turn out to be a disaster.  As hard as it may be, if this happens take a deep breath and realize that everything is reparable.  Some mistakes are worse than others but it is what you do with the mistakes that matter.

One of the ways what we educate our real estate clients in our offices at REMAX of Valencia is by explaining to them the licensing and certification process of the service providers.  There is a method to this "way" of operation and we think everyone should know what to look for when hiring anyone that will be involved in the home improvement process.

Common mistakes happen with wiring, plumbing, and flooring.  You think you have planned to a tee and your tile is being laid and you end up short, with a six inch gap in your floor.  This is an easy mistake, if you can order more tile that is.  Question is, what would you do if you couldn’t get more tile?  You can do some quick thinking, rip out the tile and pick out some new tile or make do with filling the gap with something different.

Dad always said to measure twice and cut once. Most of the "home improvement" projects will probably be handled by someone else. There may be a few of your DIY'ers(Do It Yourself) that are in our midst and reading our posts, but studies show that most of the "larger scale" home improvements are done by "hired help".  Hiring the right "help" is going to save you time, money and stress.

It doesn’t matter if you are in charge of a home project or someone else is, not everything always goes as planned.  It is how you handle the mistake that matters.  Not everything is the end of the world and you just might end up with a better result by improvising.  That being said, try to think of everything that can go wrong and plan your project as meticulously as possible before diving in.

You also may want to contact your realtor or real estate agent, even though you have no "desire" to sell the home you are "remodeling or improving". If you have a few areas that need to be taken care of with regard to updating and renovating, see what types of projects will add the most to your home, condo or town-home. 

Your local Real Estate agent will know what parts of the homes are paid more attention to than other by current real estate buyers. They will also let you know what areas "pop" more than others in the current real estate market.

Even though you don't want to sell, it is nice to see where your money will be best served at first, then do other "lower value" projects as time goes on.

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