I hate self promotion.  I despise grandstanding.  I don't appreciate the "Big One" story as it relates to real estate.

However, we are good at this, the New Home Representation thing.

This week, we were able to help two of our buyers with new Construction in the Santa Clarita Valley.  It reminds me of the time when I was working as a Patrol Officer getting ready to make the transition to Motors.

New Santa Clarita real estate constructionThere were a lot of unknowns.  I had not the faintest idea of what motors entailed.  I knew how to ride a police motorcycle - so/so - but to manipulate the motorcycle as those Veteran LAPD Motor Cops did - No way...

To learn Motors - I talked to more and more motor cops.  I dug in deeper than an Alabama Tick within their "select" community.

Several months later - I had tested, attended and completed motor school(BTW - Motor School was the hardest thing I had done to that point in my life).   I was sitting in my full motor uniform in Central Traffic Roll Call.  New Motors were supposed to have a Mother Hen.  Someone that was a veteran on Motors to guide us and to ride with us in street situations.

I had a Mother Hen.  I asked him what I was to do - he said, "You know how to write a ticket don't you?" - I responded, "Yes!!"  He said - when you leave the station - make a right - then turn left on 6th street.  Drive on 6th street to Soto - make a left and write some tickets.  I will get you on the radio later for code 7.(police code for lunch) - or in this case dinner...

I have laughed at this scenario several times since being introduced to my "in sensitive" mother hen.

LOL - so much for having a mother Hen.  I figured it out - I was blessed with some of the best LAPD motor instructors in the Los Angeles Police Department's history.

Back to Real Estate. I hired (on purpose) a new housing real estate representative.  One of our Top Buyers agents used to work for the new housing centers in the Santa Clarita Valley and in Ventura County.

I hired her for this specific purpose, so my real estate team would have the edge up when representing our buyers at the New Santa Clarita Builder centers.  

To BE the BEST at anything - you have to know the inner workings intimately...

Before venturing out to the new home centers - get with your agent so they can go with you and sign you up.  That way they have a "Say So" when it comes to negotiation on your behalf at the new home centers.  Without them being part of the "deal" they have no standing.

BTW - the new home center paying them a commission in NO WAY SHAPE OF FORM changes the dynamic with the amounts of discount, upgrades, or elevation changes that the builder is offering all BUYERS... - period...

It cannot - because that would mean that you could not have your own real estate representative when dealing with a new home builder and that you had to use theirs.  That creates a legal issue about "fair representation".  That is why you are only benefiting yourself by having your own Real estate agent represent you with the purchase of a new Home.