5 Hours Later, we are in San Francisco

We enjoy San Francisco. We get here for a couple of days here and there. The "real estate" machine never stops working, even though we are "getting away" from the Santa Clarita Valley.

Being a Cop was not the same

The Franciscan in San Francisco CA

I don't remember how it was before. I think, when I was a police officer, at least until I obtained my Real Estate license and started to sell houses, I hung it up when I got home.

There was very little, additional thought, about what I had to do tomorrow as a police officer. I definitely did not have to get calls from those needing police service when I was off of the clock and at home.

24/7/365 Calls for Service

Hey, I'm not complaining :)


With real estate, I get those calls, but there is a big difference, It's my Business. Paris911 and Housing Haven are our Brands. We are 100% responsible for our clients happiness with our Service when it comes to proving for their real estate needs.

The important thing is we are here to answer the phone, return emails and answer inquiries. If we aren't someone else will be. While they may not be as good as we are... :) You get it...

A Trusted Real Estate Brand is important

We built our Brand under the REMAX of California / Hawaii brokerage. We needed strength when it came to assisting our real estate clients in the Santa Clarita Valley areas and in the surrounding cities. We needed a company that had "global recognition", and one that would be that "800 pound gorilla" when it came to client care and protection. REMAX-Valencia-CA-Paris911.com

We also wanted to go "outside the lines" when it came to our personal Paris911.com/MissionStatement. Knowing how to watch out and protect those that are spending Big Money on real estate is incredibly important.

Have a look around our systems, you can Call our SantaClaritaRealEstateOffices.com when you are ready or shoot us an email by heading to Paris911.com/mail

Thanks and be safe...