"Connor McCloud of Clan McCloud" - That has a nice ring to it, but I'm Connor - just not McCloud. I'm MacIvor - Apparently, someone in my past was an Archer in the military - "Iv - or" - Then the Mac = "son of" - Someone in my historical record was Son of Ivor and Ivor was an archer in the military.

Paris and I were married July of 1991 - I was an LAPD police officer with less than a year on the job having relocated from New Mexico where I was born, raised and attended college - NMSU and ENMU. I did a quick stint (working there) at Roosevelt County Sheriff's Department and another at Otero County Sheriff's department. I was waiting to be old enough to start processing with the LAPD, the time came, I made a couple of trips to So. Cal. with the help of my college friend Steven Baker from Carlsbad CA and the rest was history.

I started the academy October 9, 1990, and am today honorably retired. Minus the pay because I left early from full-time status to join with Paris in our real estate business.

Paris was born in Tehran Iran, she and her family came here as refugees during the revolution in Iran. (there is a lot more to this story as you can imagine, it'd make good intel for a book and movie!)

We raised two kids, and it seems like we are still raising them :)

We buried one parent here and have the surviving spouse living with us.

We live in Valencia and have been selling real estate since 1998, representing both home buyers and sellers in Santa Clarita Valley. A lions share of our real estate business at the beginning came about as a result of me being a full-time police officer. It did not take very long for other agencies that I had worked with to start contacting our team to help them buy, sell and invest in Santa Clarita real estate.

We don't just work in Santa Clarita Valley. We have sold properties as far as San Jose for Citi Group. We have represented home sellers and buyers in Aliso Viejo and Lake Elsinore. Simi Valley and Ventura County are both frequently traveled by us and our real estate team on a bi-tri weekly basis and we can be seen showing homes and listing real estate in Los Angeles often as REMAX Gateway.

The Cop thing pertaining to real estate

I suppose I am thankful that we were taken full advantage of when we bought our first home back in Newhall in 1996. It was horrible at the time, but that event was the catalyst to us becoming licensed Realtors.

I remember how I felt when the agent took us for a ride. Not being able to contact them, having their brokerage cover for them, and not being able to see them, having to use a trick to get a face to face meeting with him. It was very frustrating.

The event worked out and I had my day and the agent made good on the sins he had committed against my family and me.

One thing stood out to me. It seemed that all of the real estate at that time was the proverbial "man behind the curtain". Like in the Wizard of Oz. Everything in real estate and a lot of the agents that I met, seemed to be all about smoke and mirrors.

Today, that has not changed too much. However, with the advent of the internet good and bad information is easy to obtain by anyone with a phone.

I started writing posts such as this one early in my career. I started to write when blogging was a family journaling event. It was not taken seriously, as was content not taken seriously by the search engines at the time. However, if a person were to repeat a phrase on a page 500 times, their website would be at the top of the search results and they were golden in the search engine's eyes.

That too has changed to become a leveler, put the effort in and get good results out, type of playing field.

My writing content about the events, the stories and the happenings in real estate drove me to want to give more back than just answering the phone, showing properties and selling the same. I wanted people to know what to watch out for when it came to buying and selling Santa Clarita real estate.

I wanted to become that "Santa Clarita Agent" that was searched for and found. The one who was able to provide answers of fact, not answers from imagination.

The radio show was a big hit and the longest running to date pertaining to Santa Clarita real estate. With a Vanity URL and hosted on SoundCloud with syndication to iTunes and Stitcher Radio, HousingRadio.com had been born.

On the show, which most episodes are transcribed by Temi, I talk about the latest real estate happenings in the Santa Clarita Valley cities and elsewhere that impact our local housing economy.

I talk about interest rates and the latest 'games' that I have been called about like special super secret Grant and Gift programs that only exist in the mind of the person pitching hoping to catch the big one.

The questions that a person should be asking their agent if they aren't working with us, because I answer most before our clients have a chance to ask.

To - Questions they need to be asking of the other parties that make up a typical real estate transaction.

  • The lender/mortgage broker
  • The home inspector
  • The pest control/termite inspector
  • The Home Owners Association, if present
  • The local law enforcement organization

These questions have been formulated after seeing so much injustice committed against a person wanting to buy or sell a home, with the start in my life when we bought our first home.

Roll Call / The Briefing starts the process

Within the police and law enforcement world, you have probably seen it rendered on television during those drama oriented movies about cops looking for the bad person, the criminal.

The cops have a meeting. It may be a meeting amongst the detective ranks, it may be one that starts the shift with the patrol ranks where the detectives come in and tell the street cops what they are looking for.

That event with the LAPD is called "Roll Call". The Sheriff's in Los Angeles call it "The Briefing". For all intents and purposes, it is the same event, only with a different name - Metric vs. Standard.

With my Santa Clarita Agents team, I make sure that we have this roll call or briefing with each and every real estate buyer and seller we have to utilize our real estate services.

I want them to know many things that are going to be meaningful as the Santa Clarita real estate and housing process unfolds.

The most important thing that a home buyer or home seller can do is to get the current market trends and be given the update that they will not find elsewhere, but from that consummate real estate professional who is dug deep into their market of interest.

I get into several things with our real estate roll call - Here are some highlights of what we will be discussing:

  • How to get your best deal on a home loan
  • Finding the best interest rate and those badly played games with lenders
  • Buying a home at fair market value and at below fair market value
  • How to finesse a home seller/home buyer to get your best advantage
  • New Construction and our negotiation power
  • How to get your fee's when buying or selling a home discounted and or paid by another party
  • The market - buyers/sellers and future changes
  • What buying or selling at the present time will look like

Of course, there are more topics that come up as a result of the discussion of the preformatted topics. I want the home buyers to know that they are going to be safe throughout the process and give them past events relayed by stories that we have experienced to allow them to buy a home without mistakes.

The same applies to the home sellers in Santa Clarita and elsewhere that are utilizing my team and me of Santa Clarita agents. they need to know the process as it is in the present time. Having sold homes in the past does not make a person an expert. Having represented multiple clients each week since 1998, does!

The online results - Santa Clarita Agents

Find me a Santa Clarita Agent.

Who is the best Santa Clarita agent?

Where can I find a top Santa Clarita agent?

Top Santa Clarita Realtor

Search inquiries such as these are the most used by home buyers and sellers when they start their searching process. Most home sellers and home buyers will have someone close to them offer up a name of whom they deem to be a professional realtor.

No matter how many names you have thrown your way and no matter what experiences you have had with agents in your past, make sure you build a list of agents to interview.

Do this even if you have had a great experience in the past with someone who represented you. You may be surprised at the difference you could have missed by not interviewing a few realtors.

Everyone is "connected". Every agent is a member of a "selective" few top agents in a networking group. Every agent is very well positioned in the local neighborhood where you need them to perform. etc...

That is what they say and what will be told to you when they are giving you their 30-second elevator speech.

I have said this to my home buyers and sellers that have to contact me to be part of their interview process. "What are they writing?" - What are they doing besides running around saying how busy they are and passing you along to a member of their staff?

Do they have somewhere they are speaking about the housing market so you can see if they are someone that makes you feel comfortable?

Maybe they are paying some entity to write their content and produce media for them?

It's not hard to tell if this is the case. I have told my clients that all they need to do is a simple google search by the agent's name. That will reveal a lot about their "true" positioning and what they contribute to the local real estate venue.

This is only the information that is located above the fold - before any scrolling has been done on my laptop. There are 53k+ references to my inquiry of connor macivor.

The below the fold results for the same search.

Look at the information that has been displayed and see what you think. It may be that I do have a face for radio after all :)

The bottom line to Santa Clarita Agents and hiring one

I have a real office. I'm not one of those who converted to a virtual office.

There is something powerful for my client's benefit to meet with me at a real professional location at my REMAX gateway headquarters. I'm at the 4/1 corner of 25129 The Old Road, Santa Clarita CA, 91381. I have been selling real estate since 1998. Paris has been representing home buyers and sellers since 1999.

When we have a scheduled appointment we make the calendar appointment and, with most clients, meet at my office. We sit down with whoever you want to bring with you to the meeting and I talk about real estate after finding out what your desires are.

Once you lay it out to me, I then get into what happens next and how the process will be best fulfilled to your best advantage.

I will also have advice concerning the other 'service providers' that are a part of each real estate transaction. Such as lenders, home inspectors and other's depending on what you are wanting to do with me, your Santa Clarita agent.

When you are ready, just reach out to me directly. I will make sure that you are well taken care of and ensure also, that you know where your starting point will be. I'm Connor with honor, a Santa Clarita Agent and I'm proud to make your acquaintance.