When national statistics show that using a Real Estate agent is going to net an Acton Homeowner more money in their pocket than selling the home themselves, I think something is awry.

In real estate, when speaking about Acton homes that are for sale by owner, something must have happened to turn them in to do it yourself types.

While I understand the monetary component, some think by selling their Acton home themselves they are going to save money.

This is factually untrue.

For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Statistics

  • FSBOs accounted for 8% of home sales in 2016. The typical FSBO home sold for $190,000 compared to $249,000 for agent-assisted home sales.

Source: 2017 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

That being the case, there must be another reason, or maybe a few.


Speaking with someone who is touting themselves to be the Acton Real Estate Expert maybe daunting. Especially when that person pulls up in a car that costs more than $100k.

Some real estate agents have never had a "normal" job. By normal I mean one that involves working for the "man". Man is aka someone or something else is the owner and not you.

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Maybe they were taught in real estate school that if you "act" a certain way, you will become a certain way. If you act as if you can solve the impossible, then maybe you will develop some sort of God Complex as it relates to selling Acton Homes.

My advice, not all agents speak from the same pulpit. Some are cut from iron and other's are cut from silk. You are probably looking for something in between as one who is considering selling your Acton CA home yourself. Interview multiple agents and see who is the best fit for your needs, wants and personality type.

Somethings just don't wash off

When interviewing Acton Specialists and those who say they are Experts in Acton real estate, you are going to want to find out how honest they are being. After you ask them how many properties have they sold in Acton in the past 6 months, make them prove it.

So many who are interviewing agents don't take what the agent says to the next level. If you don't ask there is no way to verify what you are being told as being the truth.

I can see it now, some agents are going to quip when they get a look at this.

I am honest, if someone asks me how many homes I have sold in Acton in the past 6 months, currently as of 8/13/2018, I would reply 3. That's it. Does that make me an Acton Real Estate Expert?

That doesn't but I have other traits in my arsenal that do make me an expert in all of the Santa Clarita Valley Cities, including in Acton.

The numbers should not surprise you when they are spoken. Just get verification and let the agent speak to you and earn your trust and eventually your Acton real estate business.

As I said, there are a lot of things that make someone the local real estate expert, and not all have to do with production. It may be they only take a certain amount of clients and they do an exceptional job when representing them due to all the attention they give.

That sounds like someone that I'd hire and brings me to my next topic of discussion related to Acton For Sale by Owner homes.

Too Busy

Ah, to be too busy for other clients, that is a death sentence. When people have taken the time to interview, trust and hire an Acton Real estate professional, only to hear crickets when they need something, that is bad juju.

Most real estate agents look at being "too busy" as a sign they have arrived. A sign that they are not approaching the summit related to production numbers in Real Estate.

This can be a good thing if said agent is balanced. Some agents take up this slack by building a real estate team.

Teams in real estate get a bad wrap, especially by those agents who don't have a team :)

In all honesty, some agents operate their teams so the left-hand does not know what the right hand is doing.

This bad for business and will have a person who was going to sell their Acton real estate for sale by owner, doubting ever hiring an agent.

Ask the Acton real estate agent who is working directly for them and how much interaction will you have with said individual.

Do they have a listing coordinator? Who is ultimately responsible if things don't go as you desire? Where is the accountability? Who will be your point of contact during the transaction?

Getting answers to these questions up front will make the process much easier. Also, I'd follow this up in writing or ask the agent for a mission statement that is something that they sign, which is outside of the regular real estate contract.

This way, you have their "extra" promises in writing and you can call them on them. As a real estate home seller and buyer, you have a lot of rights, you may as well use them to your advantage when selling or buying Acton Real Estate.

Not Proactive

In Acton real estate, the days on market timeframes are a bit longer than within the urban homes and city resale timeframes. That is because Acton is more spread out, most areas are zoned for livestock, horses and agricultural uses. Acton homes have acreage in most cases and some are on a well, or septic, or city gas, or propane, or city water or city sewer.

With all of these choices, encompassing a lot of the homes in Acton are on well maintained, and not so well maintained, dirt roads, these properties take a particular type of home buyer.

To find an Acton Expert Realtor that can advertise and market your Acton home to the home buyers what want this type of "living", is going to require someone that knows there way around the internet.

Writing articles such as this one, that is written to inform and be useful when an Acton for sale by owner may be interested in hiring a Realtor. When a home buyer wants to search for Acton For Sale by owner homes, they come across this article written by a local Realtor.

Taking an Acton home, by means of a real estate listing, and being able to place online where multitudes see it, takes knowledge and experience.

Writing articles about the Acton Homes you are publishing online is key to an Acton Homeowners success in the sale of their home.

I'm not talking about open houses, broker open houses or those sorts of things. I'm speaking about where 90% of people are searching online for homes and real estate. Hiring a proactive real estate agent who is an expert in this field is paramount to your success.

Not responding as they promised

Real estate is not typically a do or die endeavor. While you may have a question at 0330am that is not allowing you to sleep, most will not pass away by having to wait until later in the morning.

However, now that it's later in the morning, you ask your agent the question in the "discussed" and preferred method of communication and you hear crickets.

Nothing, nada, zilch, zero, no response. So,  you figure they are tied up. Then you re-send and maybe call later in the PM. No answer.

Two days later you get a message they are on vacation in Rome...  You did not know this was going to be the case and now you are a bit taken back.

Not that they are in Rome, but that they did not tell you that they were going on vacation in the first place.

I know emergencies come up. That is why the best of us will call all the clients on their list and let them know, "Hey Stan, an emergency came up and I won't be available the rest of today and tomorrow. Please reach to Dana at my office, she can be reached at 661.284.5429. If you have any issues, I should be able to take phone calls at various times depending on cell reception. Thank you."

But to leave town without telling an Acton Real estate client? - Bad juju.

Also, another issue comes about when you want to speak with other people whom your agent referred to you within the real estate field.

Escrow, the lender and possibly the home inspector. Not being able to get in touch with one of those entities with a question can be stressful.

At the end of the day, those resources are only as good as your agent's word. They, your Acton Realtor, should be helpful in making those communications more seamless.

If they have to field the question then have the other party respond to all, then so be it. They are the ones referring you to these other service providers, they should take partial responsibility in making those connection points more solid.

They don't seem interested in getting to know you

I'm not talking about real estate dating in Acton CA. (Imagine the spam I'll be getting for this statement :) ) - No, the point I am making is feeling like a number. Not feeling like the person I'm about to hire is really 100% on my side.

I have a statement I make at all Acton CA listing appointments to the home sellers. "First and foremost, I am being hired to protect your interests. To provide you both with all of the safety and security I can muster. I owe you my allegiance due to you hiring me and my code does not allow for anything else. If someone else calls from the same neighborhood and wants me to take their listing, I will ask you for your permission. It's only right because it can cause an unfair competition scenario. If you tell me you are not in agreement, I will refer that seller to another agent. I love a competitive real estate field, I just don't care for competing my sellers against one another."

While this is only the first step in getting to know my Acton CA home seller, it does help break the ice and ensures who's side I'm on and will be on throughout the entire process. There is enough real estate for me to sell without having to compete my sellers against each other.

When they are sitting in front of you, they seem detached and not interested. They constantly interrupt you when you are trying to tell them your needs, wants and desires related to the Sale of your Acton Home. Talking over you is a big mistake and will cause you to shut down, maybe never to restart with the same agent again.

Maybe you don't want open houses - when the agent says the first open house is going to be next weekend, they weren't paying attention.

The agent you are interviewing is constantly looking at their watch and seems like they don't care about what you have done to your home while you have lived there.

There are many Acton CA realtors, those who are well versed in selling Acton Homes, you don't have to settle, interview a few and size them up.

One of the things that I have learned from being in the real estate business since 1998 is the fact that my home sellers are in charge. They are to be put on a pedestal and honored. They are the reason why I'm in the Business of Santa Clarita - Acton CA homes and real estate for sale.

I had a regular job for a long time, honorably retired LAPD cop, and a lot of that "protect and serve" attitude, the good parts :), gets transferred into my real estate business for my clientele to benefit from.

I will be here when you are ready to have me list your home which you were considering Selling yourself as an FSBO, for sale by owner in Acton CA.