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If you are buying or selling real estate, it's going to be very important to hire the Active versus the Passive real estate agent.

We have a Buyer Guarantee!


Search for the real estate you are looking for. They will also keep their ear to the tracks to keep you informed of new listings before they hit the market for sale!

We do this for our clients, plus we monitor the Foreclosure and Distressed property listing that fit their needs in order to get them if they are obtainable.

We also have thousands of agents that "owe us" because we have helped them out with our listings, that have not hit the market for sale.

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They only use the MLS system and set up your search criteria at that local.

They do not have any of their own systems for you to use to search for real estate.

The other agent do nothing to help you as in the following posting explaining the real estate processes.

What is the MLS?

Questions to ask a Lender to get your very best deal?

What is the harm with searching with Real Estate Syndication Websites?

Who pays what?

We are the Local SCV realtor team known as Paris911 and SCVnest at REMAX of Santa Clarita.

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