What a novel idea - what about only being able to see the "active listings only" for the Santa Clarita Valley cities.  This would be Active listings only for Santa Clarita CAsomething that the real estate syndication websites cannot do, or choose not to do.  We have the "listings that are available" only posted for the Southern California Cities.

It did not come by chance, we have had our clients demand this search engine.  Those clients that were tired of getting the "unavailable listings" that were constantly posted by the real estate syndication sites.

We have a resource that shows the "fully available" homes for sale when you want them.  It does not show sold listings.  It does not show the listings where the owners want back up offers written on them.  It only shows the active listings that are currently for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

Be Safe - Search well and let the Paris911 Team at REMAX show you how we "get it".  BTW, if you are a real estate agent and want to get one of these "special" search engines - head over to Spatial Match dot com and see if Grant or his team can help you get it set up for your specific city or area.  He is the master when it comes to real estate search and will do his best to complement your website with the latest in real estate search engines.  Yes, he does offer an affiliate program, but we are so proud of the system and happy with it's results - we don't link to the affiliate link.  Just type the domain name into your browser to sign up without the Paris911 team.  When we find something we like - We tell others about it.  If you want more real estate tips for how to make the most of  your real estate presence on-line - click here.