When you buy certain makes of vehicles, they talk about the "Experience"... They want to give you the "Experience.."  I am not sure how I feel about that when I am buying a car, but for some it is worth the price of admission.  When I buy a car, I go in knowing what I want - because I have researched everything on the World wide web.

In real estate - The experience can refer to how the real estate agent interacts with you.  How your chosen real estate professional keeps you in the loop via communication.  It can also refer to the Santa Clarita real estateentire overall home buying process that you experienced.

The calls we receive from those that are now "Ready to Buy" a home, after doing the research, driving around and surfing the web, are sometimes heart-warming.  Today I received a phone call from "Martin".  Martin explained that they had been all over the map in an attempt to find out, where he and his beloved - with their children, - wanted to live.  However, after a couple of weeks of research, Santa Clarita - at least at this time - seemed like the best fit.

After setting the appointment in our offices, so he and I could meet and gathering some preliminary criteria about the type of home he wanted to purchase, we talked a bit more.

He also commented on our real estate website, the video's that I produce and the way we are about the Market Data and not about "conjecture".  Realistically, you are making the largest purchase in your lifetime.  With something so "critical" there is no reason to be fast on the trigger or jump through hoops quicker than you are comfortable with.

After the complements he gave me on our Santa Clarita real estate mother website - I was beaming.  "We have put a lot of work, research, reading, listening and $$$ in making our SCV Real Estate website better than any other Real Estate Website out there."  "We are also knocking the socks off of the real estate syndication websites with our updating the available Santa Clarita Listings much more often."  We can keep our Clientele's real estate search systems updated more frequently because of we have an Exclusive Agreement with the Internet Data Exchange - and to have that you need to be a Licensed Realtor with an affiliation with a real estate company.

Syndication sites are built around lead generation, agent's join them, the syndication websites are not real estate brokerages, therefore they are not allowed to join or participate with the Internet Data Exchange.  Their listings have to come by Real Estate Agents uploading them.  Sometimes(more often than not :-) ) the data is skewed and inaccurate. We also populate our websites with true and accurate market data - with two sources for our Data Stream.  The First - The Local Board's of Realtor's Multiple listing service and the Tax Assessor's office - comparatively.

Below is the most recent addition to the Valencia CA real estate market for sale at over 1 million dollars.  If you like that sort of thing :-)

[idx-listings city="Valencia" minprice="1000000" maxprice="10000000" propertytypes="513" orderby="DateAdded" orderdir="DESC" count="1" showlargerphotos="true"]