If you look at the statistics - Open houses don't sell homes. The numbers are about a 7% chance of an open house selling a home.  So hence the horrible odds of a home selling as a for sale by owner, due to the lack of advertising and marketing, but I digress.

It looks like print and newspaper advertising is out. In fact, I like to pick up a newspaper from time to time. I do notice that I have already seen the top news in my Feedly feed. It's still fun.

During the past several years there have been websites that have come about only showing the current open houses. They are lead generation sites. Agents are paying big money for those websites to generate home buyers leads. The leads which the agents are paying for including your personal and private information.

While most of those who are searching for homes don’t understand what is happening, some do and they don’t like it due to the volume of SPAM that occurs.

What I have done to be of great assistance to those of you whom don’t want to tie with a real estate agent, yet, is set up an easy to remember domain name. My SantaClaritaOpenHouses.com website is ready for your viewing pleasure. I have been selling real estate since 1998 in the Santa Clarita Valley. This website will display all of the current open houses and updates minute by minute.

Every Santa Clarita open house is displayed with it’s true status. Santa Clarita real estate data drawn from the local multiple listing service, This is the warehouse of the listings which exist within Santa Clarita real estate. I ensure their accuracy and you will also be able to tell which ones are truly active and which are under contract, but still having an open house anyway.

I don’t agree with homes that have accepted offers on them being held open in open house form. It is misleading to the public and gives an awful view of agents and their methods. So hence why I’m showing that data on our Santa Clarita Open Houses website.

When you are ready reach out to me, Connor MacIVOR and I will take great care of you and yours. Real estate is my passion and has been since 1998.