If you want to view the Website where this Video Lives and references - click here to visit our Mother Real estate site of Paris911.com!When it comes to searching for real estate, where do you go?  Have you found that theReal estate syndication websiteshave been lacking when it comes to the freshest listings?  What about listings that are showing as being available but are actually sold?

If you are new to real estate searching, you cannot imagine the frustration that some buyers experience with finding the most accurate data possible.  It's like going to buy a car, but every one you find on the lot has been spoken for, and is not "really" available.

With theLocal Search Sites- you will have a much better real estate search experience.

Not allIDX, or internet data exchange sitesare created equal.  Ask where the data is streaming from. Ask your real estate professional how often the data is being update within the system and how long the new Data takes to get from the IDX to the Search Portals.Ours? - Several times per hour.  Fastest I have found to date and If I find a faster one - I'll buy it so our clients can use it..Enjoy the video and let us know if we can be of further assistance.