image649475892.jpgI was showing properties in the west valley area of Los Angeles to a long time LAPD detective friend. In an attempt to stay hydrated I had drank a lot of water before leaving the office to show the home.

After we had finished, I needed fuel and to use the bathroom quite urgently. I drove from west valley on Topanga Canyon and reached the intersection of Lassen and Topanga.

I was faced with two choices. One gas station was farther, on the other side of the intersection with fuel at $.06 a gallon more expensive. I went to the station that was cheaper. I went inside before I started pumping fuel. Remember I said "urgent". I asked to use the bathroom. I was refused. I said I would be buying fuel, but still the cashier refused.

I entered my vehicle and drove across the street to the Mobil station that was $.06 more expensive per gallon for gas. I went inside before pumping fuel, as I did at the other has station. I asked to use the restroom. Without hesitation the cashier said, "it's open".

When is fuel worth paying $.06 a gallon more? "When you have to urinate like a race horse !"